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“Tired of me already, are you? It’s only been a few days. I must be loosing my touch.”

“Ha, ha, ya not funny,” Rya responded as she continued looking down the railroad tracks. She had been at the station for the last two hours and there was still no sign of the train. With the lack of people on the platform she was beginning to think that the train wasn’t scheduled to come today at all. A small frown came over her lips and she turned around to look at him suspiciously. “How’dya find me? And how’d you get out the house?”

Kulaan laughed. He put a hand on his hip and tipped his head to the side as he looked at her. “We got our Letters yesterday, where else would you have run off to?” He was feeling quite pleased with himself that he had actually found her. As for the second part, he smiled smugly. “Let’s just saw I bought us some time before your folks realize you’re not home. And me neither.” The last was added as an afterthought.

Earlier that week Kulaan had arrived by train to this very station, his guardians having shipped him off to stay with Rya and her folks. The two of them were starting at the same school – not far from where Rya lived – and thought it best that he spend the ret of the summer with them.

Rya signed dejectedly and rolled her eyes as she looked up at him. He was older than her by 9 months, taller, and thought that made him the boss of her. She had a thought, “We could both wait.”

“For two weeks?” Kulaan asked and shook his head. “They’ll defiantly track us down by then. Besides, I’m hungry.” It would time for dinner by the time they got back home. “Hop on, I’ll give you a ride.”

He didn’t have to ask her twice. He came and got her, the least she could do was make him work for it.

Sean Cardigan – Green by Mossu
Hair: Sintiklia – Kris

Ryanna (That’s me!)
Dress: G Field -Cindy Floral Dress – dark cherry
Hair: Unorthodox ft. Vaydia – Maya
Jeans: Blueberry – DWL Classic

Pose is Kokoro Poses – Couple 15

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