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A soft melodic melody made its way through the house. It was the perfect accompaniment to the stillness on this otherwise quiet evening. Even the heels of her shoes barely gave off much sound as Rya slowly made her way through the corridors towards the music that was coming from the foyer. It was only recently that she discovered that he played the piano, saying that he liked to ‘tickle the ivories’ now and then, but only really did so when the mood came over him

Tonight must have been one of those times.

The lights in the foyer were not turned on, instead Kulaan played by the light illuminating through the rooms many windows. She stood back and watched him play for a moment or two before she made her way towards him. He had to know she was there, but she lightly placed a hand on his shoulder anyway as she sat down on the bench. Kulaan didn’t miss a beat in his song but he gave a nod to acknowledge her presence. Rya also noticed the subtle cue of his arm leaning away from his body.

In one fluid move she looped her arm around his, laid her head on his shoulder, and closed her eyes. In the stillness of the night he played his soft song, and she listened.


Outfit: GIZ SEORN: Pia Beach Suit
Hair: TRUTH Vivid
Shoes: Scandalize.. Halley Heels.

Pose is  Animosity – C-116

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