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Rya adjusted her sunglasses as she stepped out of the Deer Cafe, a strawberry frappacino in her hand. It had rained earlier and her mood had taken a dive. Every time she purposely went out of her way to look cute the weather steps in with its own agenda. She didn’t even have an umbrella. The quaint cafe had been her refuge during the storm and the fact that they made a great ‘Cino made her unexpected stay all the better.

The stormed passed as suddenly as it came and now, just like the sun, her hopes were up. Bad things happen – that’s life – but it doesn’t mean that they’ll stay that way forever. She took out her phone and held it up, turning on the selfie camera. Her day may have been interrupted, and the rain may have caused her to take a detour, but the day was still good.

She snapped the picture and uploaded it to her socials with the words: #StillAGoodDay

Outfit: GIZ SEORN: Ember Dress @ Uber 
Hair: DOUX – Melanie hairstyle
Glasses: MIDNA – Kiara Glasses @ FaMESHed

Pose is from FOXCITY – Downtown Bento Friend Pose

Shot on location at Missing Melody

via Trappings of a SecondLife

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