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-.On me.-
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Betsy –  gingers
Clothes: Dhoma – Shayla Robe
PoseFocus Poses. It’s Laundry Day / 4 New! 

<K&S Creations> – // Harmony. skybox
<K&S Creations> wardrobe dark wood @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> washing machine white PG RARE 3 @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> washing machine black PG RARE 4 @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> pillows @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> boxes @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> Set of towels 1 – 2 @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> containers @The Epiphany Event New! 
<K&S Creations> container with a towel @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> Plaids @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> washing powder 1 – 2 @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> cleansers @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> Ironing board yellow PG RARE 1 @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> Hangers gold @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> Hangers silver @The Epiphany Event New!
<K&S Creations> shelving dark @The Epiphany Event New!

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