#022 Snow

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Alma Makeup Snow are eyeshadows and lipsticks inspired in Winter

Miwas Sakura crystal Crown

LAQ Mesh Eyes

Doe Hair Raising

Persefona Fireflies

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Julie (3746)

Hi my dears, now I use my beautiful [Signature] Alice Body with new clothes from LYBRA. Take a look at my nice skin and hair. If you like cats, I have a really nice one in my arms… What I wear: Shape: 7 Deadly s[K]ins – Julie [Genus head] Body: [Signature] – Alice Body BakesOnMesh […]

•{ Last Minute Flight . . .

It was a last minute flight. They called her a few hours ago and needed her to fly out immediately to handle a work situation. Her schedule was full, literally full to the brim with many things she still had to do in preparation for the big day next week. She had tried to find … Continue reading •{ Last Minute Flight . . .


Credits:@K9Choker: DAMI'JUICYGACHA'#chokerHat: DAMI'JUICYGACHA'#hat3Necklace: DAMI'JUICYGACHA'#necklace1_goldOutfit: DAMI'JUICYGACHA'#RARE02 maitreyaHair: DOUX - Cordelia HairstyleBangs: DOUX - Cotton Bang + Playful Left Bang 
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