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[Yomi] Lyra Hair
Bossie. foxy eyebrows [Genus / LeLutka]
A.D.D.Andel! Golden Eyes: Gray-
EVERMORE. [ honey – lashes ] – GENUS 
;Moon Amore: BellyDance Collection @Arcade
:Moon Amore: BellyDance / Harem Veil-Lilac
Moon Amore: BellyDance /Harem  Face Veil -Lilac
Moon Amore: BellyDance /Dancer’s Saber- GOLD
Moon Amore: BellyDance / Ornament Garters (R) GOLD
:Moon Amore: BellyDance / Derbake Panty -Lilac
:Moon Amore: BellyDance /Sahara’s Outfit RARE
skin:::SnowWhite:: skin_yuyu_cream_genus@SaNaRae(9/26-)


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It might get messy

So, lots of things happened while I was not writing. I had stopped writing, because it was making me feel exceptionally vulnerable and that’s not a feeling I really enjoy. Then I was dating someone that I really thought I liked, but found out he NEVER read my blog. I remember thinking, “Wouldn’t you want […]


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