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Choker: DAMI‘JUICYGACHA’#choker
Necklace: DAMI‘JUICYGACHA’#necklace1_gold
Outfit: DAMI‘JUICYGACHA’#RARE02 maitreya
Hair: DOUX – Cordelia Hairstyle
Bangs: DOUX – Cotton Bang + Playful Left Bang 

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Leave A Trace..

Look at me now!

It’s how we grow

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The Mysterious Garden

The Cyberpunk Area Garden Scene features a garden area placed on floor broken stones with plants, rocks and grass. It is available now at the main-store!Tm CreationIn-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook 

Under the Weeping Willow

The "Take a Kiss" Hanging Sofa cushion is new by Tm Creation and available now at the Look Event! It's available in both PG and Adult versions.⚜   ⚜   ⚜The lovely Tropical Flowers Arrangement is also by Tm Creation. Featured are roc...

It’s how we grow

I wrote about consistency in my blog a while back and I’m not sure I will ever have that consistency that makes me recognize my work, but I sure am having fun. I waited far too long to play around in Photoshop and now...
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