Clickety-clack, clickety-clack, the train chugged smoothly along the rails as it traveled to its next destination. The light of the fading sun shone in through the windows, letting passengers who milled about know that it would be night soon. Earlier that day a card with instructions was delivered to her train cabin, it read: “Dining car at 5pm”. A whole hour before that car officially opened. Though there was no signature she recognized the handwriting. On one hand she was surprised that he would be on the train, then again he had made it quote clear that when he wanted to see her he would. The train had only made one other stop since she boarded a couple days ago and while a few had gotten off and on, she did not recall him being one of them – and she had met every one of the trains 30 passengers. When she arrived at the Dinning Car a man – one of the waiters – was standing on the other side of the glass door. Usually he kept the post to turn others away who tired to enter early but when he saw her he opened the door. “You are expected. Please, come in and have a seat at the bar.” He said while closing the door behind her. “Thank you,” she adjusted her stole as she headed to the bar and sat. “Has he arrived yet?” The waiter returned to the bar and placed a wine glass in front of her and began to fill it with a sweet smelling Red. “No Ma’am but the time is not yet five.”  Once the drink was poured he went back to his post at the door. He was right.  She had arrived five minutes early. The minutes ticked by and she watched the other staff members go about setting the tables and food being prepped in the back. Soon a nearby clock signaled the start of the hour and, as if on cue, she heard the Dinning Car door open. Her back was to the entrance, therefore she could not see who was there and she didn’t want to appear eager bob turning her head to look. “Right on time, sir,” she heard the waiter say. “She is already at the bar.” “Thank you.” It was his voice. She could recognize it anywhere and her fingers twitched on the stem of her wine glass.  He was here and that only meant one thing: this night was about to get a whole lot more interesting.
Dress: .: ryvolter :. Yuma Stretch Dress – Red
Stole: .:.: ryvolter :. Maxine Shoulder Stole – Grey
Hair: Analog Dog delta – dark browns
Earrings: RE Kitty Pearls Set
Necklace:: Exile::: Pearl Necklace (from Exile:: Liaison hair )
Ring: Astralia – Kitty chain ring Pose: :LW: Bento Poses– Everything is Yours @ Trés Chic { Until Jan. 10th }
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