This topic is a really hard one to discuss because it is a very complex subject. I want to thank Kodaijin for helping me figure out how to discuss this subject.  Koda reminded me of a time in my life when I was a much smaller person. When I met the socially accepted body image. At that time I was 9 years of age, and having fun. Doing things that now I could only dream of. When I hit high school yes I grew, and got curves. I no longer fit that image of the perfect girl who was shown all around us. I had serious self-confidence issues. I was 5’3″ tall, weighing in around 130-150 wearing a size 12. I was at the time by no means fat, but  compared to what I saw on tv and portrayed in the media I was as fat as an Elephant. Now keep in mind, I was active, I was in Marching Band, I was  playing soft ball, I walked to and from school, rode my bike every were I went. I was not a lazy kid, but I could not get below 150. The catch was, because of all the physical things I did, I was muscular. My weight was all solid  muscle. How does my past relate to the topic of this post? The reason is because when I was like most kids my age, I was really into fashion. What was popular, and what the media said was the ideal body image. I bought into it hook line and sinker back then. But as I got older I realized I will never hit that ideal body, especially as it got smaller and smaller, and I got bigger and bigger, and found it harder and harder for me to find clothes that fit me. In the fashion industry, both in real life and in Secondlife, clothing is made to fit an Ideal body type. In our case in Secondlife with the advent of the Mesh Body that has made it easier and easier for designers to create for the body type they think and feel is the acceptable body type. Whether it is a slim body of a SL model, or a short and more curvy body of a casual community. Body positivity tries it’s best to get designers to realize hey there are different body types out there that are just as beautiful as the super skinny bodies that need clothes. More so in RL than in SL. However it’s more complex than that, because it also seeks to remind people who you are beautiful as you are made, skinny, big, short or tall. Now keep in mind Body Positivity doesn’t mean “hey look at me i’m fat i’m proud that I have diabetes or heart problems, because that’s what my body gave me.”  By all means no.  That is not what body positivity is about, at least not to me. To me Body Positivity is just another form of having self-confidence in myself. Something I have only started to really develop after becoming a mom. As I realize that I am the only one who is responsible for my body. It is the confidence to start working out, to try and do something new like meal prep. The confidence to be happy with who I am and the attempt i’m making to better my life. That is the magic of Body Positivity.   Hari:Dura-Girl 51 Makeup: Alaskametro❤ Zara Eyeshadow & Sheer GLoss Lipgloss Glasses:” AsHmOoT_Acc: CoLL_Vintage Sunglasses Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Laurel Jewelry Set Jumpsuite: LYBRA Alex in Coral ~currently @ FaMeshed Jacket: [SG} 4Minuet – Jacket Shoes: –#Empire – Cypripedioideae Nails: Moondance Boutique: Grace Solid Skin: Dulce Secrets Custom Sweet Cocoa Eyes: Dulce Secrets Grey Mesmerizing Eyes Body: Maitreya Laura Mesh Body Hands: Vista Bento ProHands Head [GA.GE] Mia Bento Mesh Head Poses: *PosESioN:Lady 6, Leo 8
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