One day my husband was riding getting on the bus with my daughter. He was struggling with her and the stroller. Our daughter is a smart girl… She knows exactly on the bus were to sit, where she can be seen. My husband put her down and she runs to the front group of seats (the ones for the elderly and disabled) right in dad’s view. Climbs up onto the seat and sits down and starts talking with this old man. My husband of course apologizes to the old man and asks if he minds if she sits there. The old man doesn’t and in fact is having quite the conversation with Vera until she fall asleep. Then he passes her over to my Husband on the other side of the bus from him and they sit and talk. They talk about the mans past How he and his wife were unable to have children, and how his wife has passed. The old man was on Hospice with several different forms of cancer, and had no family left. No one to take care of him. They sat and talked until it was just about time for my husband to get off the bus. The old man had one last thing to say, and that was how my husband and daughter brightened his day. Fast forward to the very next morning. I’m sitting at work counting down the minuets before my shift ends. Hoping it ends on a quite note. That however is not the case. A call comes in. The woman is frantic, her husband is gasping for breath. I get the information determine the severity of the situation. My partners get help notified for them. She’s following my instructions and doing everything as best as she can. All the while still talking to him fighting back tears and absolute panic. Staff shows up in the room to help as well. The words I hear in the background as I’m trying to keep her calm and remind her that she’s not alone are not good “He’s gurgling….” That’s not a good sign in the slightest….  15 minuets, that’s how long it took for the emergency team to show up. 20 minuets is how long I sat with that lady giving her instructions on how to save her husband…. We wake up every day, and go about our day. We take it for granted that we are going to wake up and see the person we love is going to be laying next to us, or cooking for us. We never know when the last day with them will be. Or how long we will live with out them. Cherish every day you wake up. Cherish every day you have that person you love with you. Make sure the last thing you say to them at night is I love you, and the first thing you say in the morning is I love you. We will never know what happened to the old man on the bus, or the old woman who lost her husband the next morning. But what we do know is that we have the chance to love the ones who are close to us and cherish everything we have with them till the day we ourselves pass….   Style Card
Hair: Moon.Hair// – Tourniquet
Makeup: 7 Deadly s[K]ins Ebento Gift 04 (xmas)
Glasses: B&W Design – DIVINA Sunglasses
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Angelinas Necklace & Earring (Coming soon)
Jumpsuite: United Colors – Nikita Jumpsuit
Cardigan: :: PM :: Paloma Cardigan Set
Shoes: Ch’s – Ibel
Tote: Eudora – 3DTote Bag
Nails: Moondance Boutique: Grace Solid
Skin: Dulce Secrets Custom Sweet Cocoa
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Grey Mesmerizing Eyes
Body: Maitreya Laura
Hands: Vista Bento ProHands
Head [GA.GE] Mia Bento Mesh Head
Poses: PosESioN:Regina 3 & 6  
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