On the outskirts of town, in the park down the road, there’s a little food truck where everyone goes. Serving up their famous burger and fries, and for the picky eaters there’s sauce on the side. The service is friendly and the setting is quaint. Each item cost a penny? Go quick, there’s no time to wait. But each day the crowd gets shorter, there aren’t many placing orders. Odder still is the towns population, it’s been dwindling down since the Food Truck arrived at its destination.  Hungry folk ignore the signs that are seeable even to the blind. Where’s the truck getting it’s meat? The chef’s shopping is so discreet. None has seen them at the grocer. Maybe the food should be examined closer . . . .
The following is from the :Una: & Blackjack Lunch Day Gocha @ The Gacha Garden  Lunch day gacha – chair Lunch day gacha – table Lunch day gacha – burger Lunch day gacha – Squeezer Lunch day gacha – Flowers pots Lunch day gacha – Food Truck Lunch day gacha – Cyan Bike
Apple Fall Spring Parasol Serenity Style – Noelia Bench Serenity Style – Luanes Lattice Wall
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