She made her way to one of her favorite places. It was quiet and by the thin layer of dust which coated the surrounding items she knew the place wasn’t highly frequented. And it had a piano. That was the best part of it all. It had been a long day and a longer week was on its way. Exhausting.  That’s what it was going to be no matter how many times she told herself otherwise. Combing her fingers through her hair she walked around the room, reflecting on the day. She had been doing too many things again, but keeping herself busy helped her not think on what she wanted to avoid. Sooner or later she was going to have to make up her mind and settle on a firm decision. For now, though, she was going to enjoy her peace.

I know I’m gonna fall down. I thought I could fly, So why did I drown? You never know why It’s coming down, down, down. (Lyrics from “Down” by Jason Walker)

Wearing: Dress: [Kenny Roland]  AALIYAH Dress -Black-  @ Kinky Event  Pose from FOXCITY.. Sits VOL3-6 Shot on location at . . . {Corruption} 
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