MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – NEO-Japan SL
MISS SL ♛ China 2018 – 2ND PHOTO CHALLENGE – NEO-Japan SL Items from Neo-Japan SL: *NEO-Japan Event – Until 22nd April TAXI HERE Thank you for the new event NEO-Japan SL, which inspires me by combining the tradition Japanese elements with new, modern individualism touch. I always feels the primary color RED presents perfectly ‘Japan” – like its flag – its bold, eye-catching, and outshout. I want to represent this outfit as the style of feminine, sexy as well as confident and determined. To stay in the theme – there are still elements influenced by japanese culture – Modern Kimono by Luas, Sakuras from NAMINOKE, Straw Hat from Attic, tomoto Neko Mask and katanas… I chose them because they are just perfect together, showing the style of feminine but mysterious, the style I like.
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