"Nahla" Moroccan Room Collection:
Exclusively at Illuminate, this is the new Moroccan styled collection with a serene, old world feel.
The Designers at Circa spent extra attention on the texture quality, colours, construction, composition, scripting and animation menus to offer the best in a cohesive set. Nice deep woods, cream and teal fabrics, and bronze gold metals were used for a vintage look. Small details, like the opening cabinet doors, spinning ceiling fan, and touch candles were added for realistic effect. As for the seating, they added top quality animations with detailed menus and a variety of choices for the ladies and gents in the single and couple positions. The lounge bed one of the main features with it's compact design and boasting 190 positions in total. It has an array of cuddles and kisses included for couple's to try. Loads of decor were created to fill out the collection, including hanging lanterns, mirrors, wall art, area rugs, table drink tray, and a variety of house planters. The plant pots have 4 textures choices each via touch menu.
The "Nahla" Moroccan room collection is the perfect choice for rustic, vintage, or even modern room settings. You have so many pieces to mix and match to create your own personal space, being your own creative master.
Cabinets - Left and Right pieces
~ Made with opening doors
~ Touch candle for flame light
Ceiling Fan
~ 1 comes with rotation scripting and another version that is static (offering more choice).
Hanging Lanterns
28 animated positions in total
~ 16 female animations
~ 12 male animations
~ animations include: sitting, resting, chatting, reading, & lounges
Ottomans - 2 texture versions
32 animated positions total - 16 per seat / Set A & Set B
~ 10 female animations per seat
~ 6 male animations per seat
~ animations include: sitting, chatting, & lounging
Lounge Bed:
Boasts 190 animated positions in total.
~ 60 female single positions
~ 2 female scenes
~ 40 male single positions
~ 45 syncronized couple sets
~ Auto hand props for reading animations included for single sits - when prompted
~ animations include: sitting, resting, sleeping, crying, reading, lounges, couple stands, couple kisses, & couple cuddles, & couple lounges.
For the lounge bed, time and attention was spent organizing the animations and menus in such a way to reduce too much avatar flipping and glitching moves when transitioning from one animation to another in the menus. This was done by examining and matching location and rotations of each animation in relation to the seating. The aim was to have a smooth experience, as much as possible, when using the seating.
Total Setup 44 LI - without rustic planters
(& using 4 large lanterns in both sizes, both ottomans, & spinning ceiling fan)
Upto 61 LI - with one of each rustic planter pot
Lounge Bed - 4 LI
Chair - 3 LI
Ottomans - 2 LI each
Cabinet & Planter (Left) - 5 LI
Cabinet & Candles (Right) - 3 LI
Side Table & Cup platter - 3 LI
Side Table - 2 LI
Tall Plant Stand - 2 LI
Rustic Planters - (both sizes) - 2 to 3 LI each
Ceiling Fan (scripted) - 5 LI
Ceiling Fan (static) - 4 LI
Hanging Lantern - short-L x2 - 2 LI - each
Hanging Lantern - long-L x2 - 3 LI each
Hanging Lantern - short-S x2 - 2 LI - each
Hanging Lantern - long-S x2 - 2 LI each
Frame Wall Art - 4 LI
Mirror Trio - 4 LI
Mirror Single - 2 LI
Area Rugs - 1 LI each
⚜ ⚜ Photography by Rissa Bolissima
In-World ⚜ Marketplace ⚜ Flickr  Illuminate Event March 18 - April 12, 2018 In-World  ⚜ Flickr
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