It was a lazy day. The type of day where everything seemed to move slowly and the hours stretched on forever. It was the type of day to dream. So I grabbed my camera and sunglasses – a day like this should not be spent solely indoors. Down the street was a park with its own nature and hiking trail. That’s where I decided to go. Spending time among nature was exactly what this day needed.  I took pictures of the flowers and trees, and abstract shadows made from the sunlight filtering though the canopy. A few hours later I stopped to sit against a fallen log. The area was serene, and though it was slightly off the path the grass around it was not overly overgrown. Pulling out my camera I flipped through the pictures that I had already taken.  Out of the corner of my eye I noticed I had acquired a visitor.  A brown squirrel had hoped up on the log and was looking at me with curious and cautious eyes. He probably thought that I had food.  “Hey fella, fancy a picture?” I asked him.  I raised my camera slowly as I didn’t want to frighten the squirrel. He took a few steps back, but didn’t abandon the log. I wished that I had something to negotiate with, but I didn’t have anything. Not even a snack bar to offer.  “Picture?” Like the squirrel understood anything that I was saying. “Don’t move, okay?” I started to rotate to get a better position and he moved too.  He raised a leg, looking ready to jump, so I paused. “It’s okay,” I tried to sound calm and reassuring.  “Just one . . . little . . . shot.” I had everything lined up.  Everything was perfect.  Snap.
Top: Blueberry – Alena – Off Shoulder Tops – Cream
Jeans: Blueberry – Melanie 
Hair: ICONIC: JENAE @ The Liaison Collaborative  {Opens Sept 3.}
Accessories: B&W – DIVINA Sunglasses – SFF2014
Shoes: Reign– ROME LACE UP HEELS Pose: Lil’Bug  -Squirrel
Pose :LW: Bento Poses : – Picture This (turned upside down) @ Tres Chic
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