One of the benefits of being able to take a day to work from home was being able to stay in her pjs all day. She didn’t have to brave traffic or pretend that she was interested in the latest office gossip – and after what happened the other day, there was sure to be a lot of it.  This morning she slept in a little later than normal, but when she got up she was ready to work. At her desk was her laptop, and she booted it up before leaving out the room to make something to eat.  No sooner had she left than she heard  and all too familiar: DING of a notification. Then it sounded again. DING DING DING  She groaned and looked up at the ceiling. “I knew I should have waited…” The chimes had to be stored work notices from overnight popping up. Ignoring them for a bit longer she continued working on her food. By the time she got her things together and was heading back to her room even her phone had started buzzing and she was more than a bit agitated. With the food tray still in her hands she begrudgingly looked at her computer screen. What she saw wasn’t anything she expected. Quickly she put her food down and picked up the laptop taking it over to the bed. It had only been a matter of seconds, but her mood had gone from annoyed to giddy. It wasn’t work making her messages go off – but it was him.  He was away on business, saw that she [finally] logged on, and wanted to connect with her before he had to head off.  She had work to do, and it would get done. Eventually. 
Outfit: PROMAGIC Mishti @ Frou Frou {Sept. 10th}
Hair: ICONIC:SANATA @ Tres Chic Set decor: 
JIAN Beagle Pup 
PROMAGIC Mishti Headphones @ Frou Frou {Sept. 10th}
PROMAGIC Mishti Diary @ Frou Frou {Sept. 10th}
PROMAGIC Mishti Tumbler @ Frou Frou {Sept. 10th}
[Merak] – Sandwich Tray
KraftWork Ceramique Sign (from the  Ceramique Atelier set)
Scarlet Creative – Anastasia Bed
:: New Church :: Fiona’s Attic Skybox, White  Pose :LW: BENTO Poses – Finding Out More @ TLC
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