“Where is he? I can’t find him!” “He’s coming up ahead on your left. Keep going.” Leia ran. Down alleys, over fences, zig-zagging through cars, she was going to catch her target.  She was the fastest on the force and hadn’t lost a suspect yet. Fifteen minutes ago they received a call: a break-in at 12th and 23rd, suspect on foot, heading East, moving fast. She and her partner were in a patrol car at 20th street, not too far off from the incident. “On it,” Leia had said into the speaker system. “Air support?” She remarked to her partner, Rex, while she activated her visor and wrist set. Rex had already booted up the system and various holographic maps littered the car’s windshield. “Already on it, you better hurry.” They had been working together for so long, she didn’t know why she asked. They could read each other moves as well as their own. Leia had been tracking the suspect since then, following the transmissions Rex was streaming to her headset. Until they stopped. She didn’t like running blind, but that’s what she was going to have to do. The good thing was, she had the culprit in her sights. Then she saw an all too familiar blue-green glow surround him and a moment later he was gone. Cursing Leia skidded to a spot and tapped on her headset. “Rex. Rex! He’s an illegal transporter. Rex!” There was still no answer from him. Leia pulled up a map of her current location on her wrist communicator. Unlike the car, she couldn’t track anyone specifically unless their identifying marker had been downloaded on it, but at least she could navigate and in this city, navigation was crucial. At the height of the tech-boom it wasn’t unheard of for things to suddenly appear in the middle of the roadway – even the air – as people went about with unlicensed transport tech. Sudden signs of movement were what she looked for. The transport tech only worked for short distances so he couldn’t go far. Impatiently she waited then suddenly she saw it. A blip appeared four blocks away. That had to be it. She had him now. “You can run, but you can’t hide.”
Wearing: Outfit: Luas – Frida ( Gloves / Shoes RARE )
Accessories: Una & Mushliu. Moon CiberPunk Accesories @ Neo Japan {Opening Sept. 29th}
Hair: no.match_ ~ NO_CENTER Pose is Poseidon Swingers 2
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