Everyone was getting ready for the Fall Festival this weekend and she had been working hard to do her part. She helped to decorate the barn and had even found a DJ for the opening night but something didn’t feel right. The sun was warm and the day was bright, if she didn’t know any better she would have thought it was still Summer. Even the trees thought it was still summer as there leaves hadn’t started changing color. She had to by artificial Fall leaves to liven up the decor. She went outside to get some air and saw a pair of squirrels digging among the faux leaves she had placed along the ground. “Hey little guys…” She said as she slowly made her approach. “You won’t find any real nuts out here, or leaves for that matter.” The squirrels looked up and backed away a bit as she came near, but they didn’t run away. She sat down ad offered her hand so they could see that she was friendly. “I’m sure you can find food elsewhere. Just not here.” The sun may have been shinning, and the weather warm for this time of year, but seeing the squirrels let her know that Fall was indeed coming.
Outfit: Scandalize. Elva. @ Uber  {Until Oct. 22nd}
HairVanity Hair::  Back To School @ Hair Fair 2018 Pose / Prop :LW: BENTO – Autumn Leaves @ Trés Chic – {Until Oct. 10th} Backdrop:CK Elite Studios – Fall Harvest @ Pose Fair 2018
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