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Teahouse & Sweets : 51pa & Twilight

  1. BUILD (rare)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  2. TATAMI SOFA(rare)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  3. TABLE***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  4. ZABUTON***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  5. SHELF***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  6. BOX(azuki)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  7. BOX(cream)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  8. BOX(matcha)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  9. BOX(chestnut)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  10. MOMIJI-MANJUU SET(on tray)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  11. MITARASHI-DANGO SET(on tray)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  12. TEA***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  13. OHAGI***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  14. MOMIJI MANJUU(plate)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

  15. AGE MOMIJI(fried momiji)***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

GIFT Menu***Chaya-Momiji [51pa]x[TwL]

AGE MOMIJI(fried)<[51pa]x[TwL]HUNT PRIZE>



Skin applier : MUDSKIN / [ MUDSKIN ]_ANNA # BARE_104



Mesh head : LeLutka / LeLutka Bento Head-CHLOE

Mesh body : Maitreya / Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara

Hair : monso / [monso] My Hair – Yumi /Black & White

Kimono : tomoto, / tomoto, kimono two ribbons blue

Facial pose : LeLutka / LeLutka Axis HUD Face

Kitten : JIAN / JIAN :: Kitten Collection

Cats : Maru Kado / {-Maru Kado-} Kimono Cat set (F/M 01-03)



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