She glanced down at her phone. Again. She had checked it so many times in the past few hours that she had lost count. While various notifications would pop up here and there, they were never the one she was waiting for. To say she was anxious was an understatement. There was work that needed to be done – deadlines that were creeping up – but she couldn’t focus on any of it. Every time the phone lit with a notification she felt her breath catch. And every time it wasn’t what she wanted her heart sank. While she waited she had sent out messages of her own through various channels all for the sake of getting a reply. No response. She sighed, loud and deep. “Please respond,” she pleaded to her phone. “I need to know you’re okay . . .”
Dress: :Una.. Sandy @ Unique {Until Jan. 10th}
Boots: Scandalize. Maggy Pose is from Lyrium..Bento Sits Set 1 Other items :
floorplan. notebook clutter
Nutmeg. Chesterfield Sofa Brown Store Gift PG
.: ryvolter :. Printed Gabardine Backpack – Burrberry
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