Hey Lovelies, DAMN I´m SO sorry… I had prepared the pictures and stylecard for this blog the Wednesday before last but I woke up with a fever (39,6°C) and I´ve pretty much not left the couch ever since let alone for seeing  the Doc and short periods within the last few days to see if I could sit again. The fever was gone after a day but replaced with one of the nastiest coughs I´ve ever encountered. My voice is still gone, I´m still not fully recovered but I´m SO bored …. and I feel like I got enough strength to finally show you some awesomeness from ..::OA-M.E.O.::..: Meet DESIRE!!!

I´ve teamed her up with ..::OA-M.E.O::..´s skirt Salli which was the GG last July


You basically get a one huge-arsed 4 in 1 hud for the band underneath the bust, the sleeve, right part and the left part with different patterns or without….


and for a naughty version you can even hide the left bandeau-part, too – uh huh^^

Style Card: Standards
Truth Kaijah
alaskametro<3 astral eyeshadow and neutrals/shimmer nails
Alma Joanne
..::OA-M.E.O::.. Desire and Salli
Eudora 3D Momo FOXCITY. Photo Booth – The Workshop, Fast Fan (With Lights) Rez
PosESioN Lady 2, 3,
.MILA. Portrait I have to leave you with another….. sad-ish information: due to my illness I had to drop out of Miss SL 2019. There was a mandatory meeting on Saturday and 2+ hours is still too long for me so yeah, I did listen to my body and step down. Tons of luck to the other girls, though. Now … to the promotion and then back to the couch for some more well-getting ? take care, love, Kasha  
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