Hey Lovelies, as I promised I´m back… but I´ve changed  into the fantastic loungewear Dana by MI.CO.

There´s bunny ears and a chocolate cookie included, too and you get the usual badass hud  you´re used from MI.CO with all the wonderful colour options, too

Style Card: Standards [Pink Fuel] Sparkle & Shine MI.CO Dana @ Anti Event until May 7th [Fetch] Sweet Shack Physics (by Kraft) Couch/Bed Bookshelf (poses included) (SS)Atmospheric 14:00 cloudy altered at my home Now… why didn´t I grab the cookie, too? Starting tomorrow I´ll avoid sugar and carbs for a month to kinda restart my metabolism. A lot of people have some sort of fungus in their colon that avoids all the nutricients from getting absorbed properly. Now this challenge of 30 days (and a short round of  7-10 days after being on antibiotics^^) starves this fungus and your body starts processing everything as intended again.  We´ll have to start off with 3 days of potatoes and veggies (yep…3 times a day…) and after that it´s no carbs and sugars. Wish me luck. I´ve done it 10 years ago and you cannot believe how GLAD I am about all those sugar-free and vegan alternatives that pop up recently. Watermelon is acceptable, too so we´ll feast on that pretty much. But Dave´s joining me in this and yeah… it will boost our bodies! But that means – no random cookies for me 😉 Enjoy yours, though! Take care, love, Kasha
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