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@MAN CAVE (~2020.12.11)

Japanese archery : TAIKOU / taikou / kyudo archery set

– Decor & Wearable / HUD & AO included



Mesh head : CATWA / CATWA HEAD Daniel

Mesh body : Belleza / -Belleza- Mesh Body Jake

Hair : Tableau Vivant / Tableau Vivant // Indoor/Outdoor – B+W f

Kimono & Crow : GABRIEL

::GB:: Katahaori 2020 / Kokuyou

14.::GB:: Crow SET

Hat : ATTIC / -ATTIC- Old Samurai Straw Hat FATPACK

Arm wraps : Matova / Matova – Ramses Arm Wraps

Feather : NAMINOKE / NFeather Rez DARK


Location : Village of Ahiru


葵(Aoi Ichibara)

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