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November 25th is International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, and since 2010, the day has been marked in Second Life by the collaborative arts group, 2Lei

  • Event locations:
    • Art Free Gallery
    • Black Label Exhibition Corner and urban city
    • Dalla parte delle Donne
    • Diotima, Ocio y Cultura
    • Lametta Club Hangar
    • Lost Town – La Citta’ Perdu
    • Museum Island

I copied this text bits from this excellent article by Inara Pey, see full article with all info, location lm’s at http://modemworld.me/2019/11/19/no-violence-the-2lei-10th-edition-in-second-life/


For my first event visit I only saw Black label exhibition corner and urban city, pictures above, showing you, from top to bottom, the following artist from that location:

Paola Mills

Bamboo Barnes – Violence

Kimeu Korg

Meilo Minotaur – A cage inside a cage

Natalie Seranade

Livio Korobase 2Lei 2019

GlitterPrincess Destiny – Stories

Rebeca Bashly

Ciotolina Xue

Mavi Beck – All’improvviso c’e’ tanto freddo



Event info http://secondlife2lei.blogspot.com/p/ed-2019.html


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