#3 "I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way"

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“I’m Not Bad, I’m Just Drawn That Way”
So were you expecting to see some Jessica Rabbit character? This quote from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” is very reminiscent of a Mae West quote.  I love watching those old Mae West movies and seeing her flirt with the men and hearing her sassy quotes.  Her characters were very liberating for women who rarely had opportunities to express themselves other than how society expected them to behave.  If you have ever watched avatars in Second Life you probably noticed various degrees of expression from non-human to toddlers to overtly Rubens-esque female avatars.  Second Life gives you a freedom of expression that is not always available to us in Real Life.  Second Life can be therapeutic if utilized carefully to express yourself.  Adults who had their childhood ripped from them can reclaim their childhood as toddlers and child avatars.  Transgenders can begin their lives as the gender to which they identify.  Second Life is unique in that it’s our fellow users that make this freedom of expression possible.

When I first joined Second Life I was overwhelmed in how to express myself.  Eventually I decided to just be me.  I know that seems like an obvious conclusion but in Second Life it’s very easy to be anything but yourself.  I am by nature curious and imaginative.  I love to create stories with my style.  I have no problem changing my looks to suit the story I am creating.  It was within 6 months of joining Second Life that I realized I needed to contribute something to the community.  My first job in Second Life was a mirror of my real life job, an educator.  I was an instructor for Palomma Casanova, owner of The Free Dove, at Peristeri Mall and Learning Center.  Palomma gave me freedom to create classes as needed.  Eventually I had a class with new designers who needed help in beginning their business as well as in creating their designs.  I had my work cut out for me.  I had to learn how to design along side my students.  Eventually, I opened a mall for these new designers so they could establish themselves.  It was then that I opened my first store, Anne’s Fashion Confectionery.  I was designing clothing at first and expanded into skins.  That was when I began to work with Candy Enoch on improving my skin designs.  In 6 months Dulce Secrets opened.  Dulce Secrets will be celebrating it’s 8th anniversary this coming August.  I still love to shop, I still love to explore,  I still have my obsessions.

As a designer I try to help my customers express themselves through skins, makeup and eyes.  The rest is up to you.  Find your unique style and express yourself freely.  Find something you love and do it abundantly.  Don’t be afraid to be yourself in Second Life even if  your avatar doesn’t reflect how you look in Real Life.  Don’t worry if people think your bad, a Second Life designer just drew you that way. 😉


Top: Merina Wrap Top from Jeune by Rowne
Skirt: Linked Skirt from Seul
Necklace: Charlene from Codex
Shoes: Maisie from Nardcotix
Nails: Goldie Mesh Nails from Slack Girl
Hair: Skyler from Wasabi Pills
Eyes Applier: Frosted from Cazimi (POE Gift May Not Be Available)
Mesh Head: Lia from Vista
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Shape: Vista Bento Head Lia Slim Shape from Vista 
Skin: Aracely Chai from Dulce Secrets
Makeup: Epiphany Eyeshadow from Dulce Secrets and Mava Lipstick from Avada
Location: Mopire City

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