#4 What are girls made of?

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What are girls made of?
Do you remember the nursery rhyme “Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, that what little boys are made of.  Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of.”   As a child I heard this nursery rhyme that defined how society expected girls and boys to behave.  I didn’t know it at the time but it did define how I was perceived as a little girl.  I was expected to smile regardless of how I felt, not swear or use bad language, dress in frilly, lace dresses, act demure, and listen to my parents without talking back.  
Models: AnneAlyce Maertens and Kathrin Dassinn

Lucky for me. society and my mother did not agree.  My mom is not progressive as a parent by any means.  Instead she needed me to be independent and self-motivated.  As a single-parent she needed a child who would listen to her but could set her own alarm, make their own breakfast and lunch, get herself off to school and back home without having to wait for mom.  She also taught me to speak my mind which is funny since that is opposite from my personality.  Thankfully my mom did not push speaking my mind but turned it toward being an independent thinker.  I did let my actions speak when words would escape me.  This thoughtful, quiet child who had streaks of outspoken action was on her way to being a Tom Boy.

I hate that phrase “Tom Boy.”  I felt more comfortable in my jeans, t-shirt and red cow-girl boot but when given a frilly, lace dress I was equally excited to wear that.  I had just as much fun climbing trees and exploring the outdoors as I did playing with dolls, barbies and paper dolls.  When it came to my childhood friends I had just as many male friends and I did female friends.  I would play house with my female friends and then an hour later go shoot a B.B. gun with my male friends.  My mother remarried and my new dad continued to encourage me to be independent.  He gave me my nick-name, Tigger.  I was a very active, happy little girl who would laugh so loud she wouldn’t care if people in the next room would hear her.  My dad would play tea with me, listen to me read poetry, help me build model cars, and play in the mud after a rain.  Then I left my childhood behind me as I became a teen and the world turned upside down.

Model: Kathrin Dassin

That independent thinking little girl was still there but was pushed down deep inside.  I have always been introverted with people I don’t know.  I’m not a fan of big crowds and feel more comfortable being by myself or with a few of my very close friends.  But what happened to that independent, outgoing thinker?  She was still there building pressure waiting to come out.  She was pushed down so low that I had been voted as “Most Shy” in my class.  My close friends laughed at that because they knew the real me.  They knew that I was outgoing and had a little streak of danger.  Then all of a sudden those archaic thoughts of how girls were to supposed to behave were being chiseled away society began to shift towards accepting choice.   I was FREE!

Model: AnneAlyce Maertens

College gave me back myself.  I was able to be expressive and was not seen as being abnormal.  I was able to be introverted with strangers yet have my carefree side shine with my close friends.  I could be strong, adventuresome, caring, and friendly.  I could be myself.  Now as an adult, a teacher, I want to see my students be able to express themselves not how society dictates but how they want to be.  Young men can be caring, tenderhearted and not be seen as being a “pussy” or “momma’s boy.” Young girls can play sports, act tough and not be labeled as “butch” or Tom boy.”  Today, girls can be made of dignity, independence, strength and freedom. As I close this post I can think of a lot of cliche’s but I’ll leave you with a play on a popular meme.  “If you can’t be Batman then always be yourself.”

AnneAlyce Maertens Styling Credits:
Jacket & Top: Ela Fur Jacket from Blueberry
Skirt: Every Breath from 1 Hundred (Top Not Shown)
Jewelry: Cruella Necklace from Moondance Boutique and
Queen Chocker and Shelly Earrings from Valena (Marketplace)
Shoes: Florenza Booties from Hilly Haalan (Previous gift and may not be available)
Hair: Twiggy and Catwa Hairbase 8 from Tableau Vivant
Mesh Head: Catya from Catwa
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Shape: Misato from Lyrium (Marketplace)
Skin: Sose in Quinoa Tone from Dulce Secrets (Group Gift Coming Soon)
Eyes: Catwa Rigged Eyes (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma Catwa Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Swank Muted from Cazimi

Makeup: Eyeshadow – Coller Applier from Zibska and Lipstick – Bree Lipgloss Applier from Livia

Kathrin Dassin Styling Credits:
Hair: Boon –  Cornrows Hairbase & MMK375
Makeup: Eyeshadow – Glamorize- Spirit Eye Makeup, Lipstick – Ducles Secrets Jewell Anise # 3
Jewelry: Moondance Boutique Hoodrat Jewelry Set (coming soon) & Erratic Cuffs
Top: [Justice] Dani Tank
Pants: ::PM:: Amor Leggings
Belt: .:L&B:. S’Wear “Buckled Biker” Womans Belt
Shoes: Kastle Rock Couture Goddess Boots
Nails: Moondance Boutique: Grace Solid
Skin: Dulce Secrets Custom Sweet Cocoa
Eyes: Dulce Secrets Grey Mesmerizing Eyes
Body: Maitreya Laura
Hands: Vista Bento ProHands
Head [GA.GE] Mia Bento Mesh Head

Poses: *PosESioN*:For Anne – Dolce & Gabanna 1 for Kat Thanksgiving 2 Female

Comhar Public Photo Studio and Garden

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