#5 – …and so it begins

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#5 – …and so it begins!

Since I was a child I’ve loved playing dress up, playing with Barbie Dolls and creating fashionable looks for my paper dolls.  Second Life became my adult equivalent to playing dress up.  I’ve always tried to present myself fashionably and professionally in Second Life.  It was through my years of developing a philanthropic approach to helping other designers that I meet many of my designer friends who introduced me to the modeling world of Second Life.  January 20, 2018 will mark the beginning of new journey that began 5 years ago.

In 2013 I entered my very first modeling contest, Liv Glam Glam Girls, where I failed miserably.  I had no training for the runway and did not know what to expect or what to do.  I had knowledge but not enough to be successful.  So I took it upon myself to be educated.  To me education is important in RL so why not become educated in the SL modeling world.  I found Fashion Model University, which was a free modeling school.  The education I received there was very thorough and extensive.  I reapplied for Liv Glam Glam Girls 2 more times and was very close to winning from the feedback I received.  I then set my sights high, maybe to high, Color of Couture. Sadly I did not make the top 16 but then after having seen the other ladies it would have been a miracle if I had made it.  The judges did not have an easy job of selecting the top 16 ladies who will represent the diversity of Second Life.

This was my styling for Color of Couture.  I can’t even remember what the styling challenge was.  It was my interpretation of the styling challenge that cost me votes.  

I realized that I might have the technical aspects of modeling but something was still missing.  I finally succumbed to the begging of a dear friend of mine, Sequoia Nightfire, to apply for Mimmi Boa Modeling Academy.  Sequoia had pleaded with me for years to apply.  I’m glad that I did as I was in her final class before she retired from MBMA and moved onto the Miss Virtual World.  She knew I understood that I had the technical side but that what I was missing was heart.  I didn’t feel the story I was selling on the runway.  She was right.  I was all about technique and forgot about the heart, my love of fashion.  It was during this time that I was also changing the course of my business, Dulce Secrets.  I was evolving both as a model and as a business owner.  I was growing!  

I then took another big step, I auditioned for Miss Virtual World.  I was confident, maybe over confident.  I thought I had it but as a friend in the audience stated my poses ruined my chances. After so many failures your self-confidence is chiseled away.  You begin to doubt yourself, doubt your ability, doubt your heart.  I turned my attention to my business and used an excuse that through my business I would remain in the modeling world by offering eyes, makeup and skins for models.

Then in December, Kathrin Dassin, my very good friend and Second Life sister stated her interest in auditioning for Miss SL.  She has done this over the past couple of years but never committed.  So we made a pact together that we’d apply together.  We told each other that we’d help each other in the design challenges, checking poses, even designing for each other.  We both made the 1st audition call for the runway show on January 20, 2018.  We both struggled with the monster called lag.  We both were hard on ourselves because of our perceptions of failure.  We both nervously awaited the results to see if once again we failed or if we finally had all the pieces in place and succeed.  I’m so proud of both of us.  We both succeeded in getting the necessary votes to become official candidates for Miss SL 2018.  We both persevered through our own personal struggles to begin this new journey.
Today’s post is dedicated to Kathrin Dassin, MISS SL ♛ USA, and the 13 other new Miss SL candidates

I present to you AnneAlyce Maertens, MISS SL ♛ UK 
Styling Credit:
Outfit: Ysabei Felt Coat from Hilly Haalan
Boots: Mili Boots & Leggings from Blueberry
Jewelry: Earrings – Midsummer Moon from Maxi Gossamer and Rings from Moondance Boutique (Not Available Yet)

Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Jade in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Tapestry Applier from Cazimi
Makeup: Eyeshadow  and Lipstick – Boheme Applier from Dulce Secrets
Hair: No Secrets from No Match
Location: North

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