#8 – What’s in a Name? ~ Part 3

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#8 – What’s in a Name? ~ Part 3

Today completes the What’s in a Name? series.  The previous post have been about how we choose our avatar names and naming your business brand.  Just like naming your business brand naming the products in your store is equally important.  When I began to name my products I wish I had known these rules.  Instead I had to develop a naming system for my skins and makeups on my own.  My skins have a 4 tier name SKIN NAME.SKIN TONE.BROW COLOR and CLEAVAGE OPTION either NATURAL CLEAVAGE or PUSH-UP CLEAVAGE.  While the makeup a 2 tier name MAKE UP NAME and COLOR NAME.  I decided to do a bit of research on principles of product naming.  I was curious to see if I applied these principles without knowing it 
Principle 1: Make it Memorable
When naming a product the name should grab the attention of the shopper and stay memorable.  I try to give my product names that will be easy to remember and along with the vendor picture keep it memorable.
Principle 2: Give it Meaning
When naming a product make the name more powerful by expanding the meaning of the name and add depth to make it powerful.  When I am making my makeups I don’t just use color names I try to use adjectives or color names that are more descriptive.
Principle 3: Make it Stand Out
When naming a product it needs to stand out among all the other similar products from other designers.  Your product doesn’t just need to be well made but needs to be well named.  
Principle 4: What is the Story?
When naming a product remember that names of your product are just a part of your brand. Make your product mean what you want.  As I make my skins and makeup I think about what story I want to convey.  Even in the styling for the vendor ads I try to complete the story in one visual like a cover for a novel.
Principle 5: Be Descriptive
When naming a product having a name that describes what the product is or what it is used for is important.  When I first began my business I didn’t add key words like skin, eyes or makeup to the vendor ads.  It caused much confusion for customers they didn’t know if they were buying hair, eyes, or clothing.  Just by adding simple descriptors to the product name saved much headaches for both me and my customers.
Principle 6: Use Real Words with a Twist
When naming a product words don’t have to be used literally.  I try to have fun when I name my products.  The names I choose tend to have real world meaning.
Principle 7: Makeup up a Word
When naming a product you can ensure originality by making up a word for the name.  I have to try this sometime.  I tend to use real words.  Guess that if it works for real world businesses it will work for Second Life businesses as well.
Principle 8: Change Spellings
When naming a product be creative with spelling. I combine principle 8 and 9 together since my skins are real life names I add to the creativity by changing the spelling.
Principle 9: Use a Place or Person’s Name
When naming a product use real world places and people names.  This gives a personal touch to your product.  However, a word of warning be careful in naming products that are personal as it is easy to be offended by bad reviews or negative comments from customers.  

Styling Credit

Outfit: Kaede Kimono and Hakama from Agata
Jewelry:  Eos Earrings from Eudora
Shoes: Vita in Black from Azoury
Mesh Head: Simone from LeLutka
Mesh Body: Lara from Maitreya
Skin: Jade in Chai Tone from Dulce Secrets
Eyes: LeLutka Eyes for Simone (Came with Mesh Head)
Eye Applier: Terra Firma LeLutka Applier from Dulce Secrets
Nail Appliers for Maitreya Lara: Gold Blossom Nails from Livia
Makeup: Blush – Yingtai; Eyeshadow – Prina; Lips – Yingtai and from Zibska
Hair: Elomo from Tukinowaguma
Location: Stellina

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