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Zinnia’s La Cantina Accent chairs and Frida planters, new release for Uber homeshow

Liama planter (older gift), Chickens, Corazon Wrought iron heart decor

thank you Zinnia ❤



Apple Fall Pampas grass wheat, West Village Sculpted turtle in verdigris, Lemonade

Concept The magic woods gacha: Coffee table, Greenhouse gacha: Pouf

Dahlia Kahvy Plant bench

Dust Bunny Quirky planterset 4: Octopus, Bumble bee, Lamb, Rabbit, Sloth planter, for Kustom9

Etnia Cute Frida set: Plants

Fundati Giant Oak tree, for Uber Homeshow

Half Deer Yellow baby birds

Heart Wild Flowers Quenn Ann’s Lace

Ionic Hummus de calabaza y guacamole, Spiral leaf

Kraftwork Indigo set

Lode Blooming Oleander wreath, for Shiny Shabby, Hanging Oliv original

Maru Kado Cat sleeping

Plaaka Sky planter White orchid and Ivy

Scarlet Creative Corner House boat white, Darcy plant, Miss Blossom study plant, Rustic artist desk and plant, Rough luxe clutter chair, Alexander mantle clutter, Lyra forest sofa, Cozy rug, Boat runner rug dark

Studio Skye Wild grass

Tarte Hanging plant

Vespertine Planty love set: Lucky bamboo, Prickly pear, Hoya hearts, for Cupid Inc

8f8 Trea time gacha: Teabloom Dandalion tea set, Paint me summer gacha: Poles



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via I rather be overdressed!