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Featuring Vinyl Apparel and Atelier Visconti

As any decor blogger will tell you, building scenes can take quite a bit of time depending on how detailed you are.  Sometimes it’s nice to take a break from doing that yourself and head out to a beautiful sim where the landscaping has already been done for you. 

Today I am featuring fashion from Vinyl Apparel.  I am wearing the Done Cargos and the Fact Cardigan that you can find in the main store.  They are sold separately in a variety of colors.  The pants have texture options for the button and an optional belt and the top also includes color options for the buttons.

While on the subject of Vinyl Apparel, I would like to thank SadyCat Littlepaws, Vinyl’s blogger manager, for opening up her personal home sim, Curiosity Lake, to the public.  It is beautifully decorated and landscaped and offers many great spots for photography or just to relax with a friend.  Feel free to visit, explore, take photos and enjoy your visit.  The landmark is in the credits.

I did sneak in a piece of my own decor to finish out my scene because the dog I wanted to use just didn’t do what I wanted.  It is the Old Well from Atelier Visconti. It is beautifully detailed, copy and mod and is available at The Liaison Collaborative.


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Doux  – Malori

Pants –  Vinyl Apparel – Done Cargos

Top –  Vinyl Apparel – Fact Cardigan


Atelier Visconti – Old Well @ The Liaison Collaborative 

Heart Garden Center – WildFlowers – Campion


Luanes World – Anaia


Curiosity Lake

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