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Abandoned houses are always grey.
Brick, wood, stone,
doesn’t matter.
Grey wraps around them, down to the foundations,
masking remnants of childish laughter,
obscuring conversations murmured
over coffee or tea.
Grey washes away passion,
wipes up all evidence of desire.
Memories vanished,
dreams extinguished,
all signs that anyone loved there,

~ Sheria Reid ~



Serenity Style – The Lost Time Backdrop @ The Liaison Collaborative


#13 Haunted Gramophone – Gacha Item
#17 Side Table Full – Gacha Item
November Corridor – Armchair Black @ The Outlet
November Corridor – Hall Carpet @ The Outlet
November Corridor – Hall Tree @ The Outlet
November Corridor – Sconce @ The Outlet
Black Widow Tea Set – Past Group Gift


*MudHoney Victoria Gacha*
MudHoney Victoria Candles
MudHoney Victoria Portrait1
MudHoney Victoria Portrait2
MudHoney Victoria Portrait3


English Ivy
Starlit Spiderwebs

OneDecor – Linnen Pouf

Wild Hound Designs – Sleeping Kitty Cat

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