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So in yesterday’s post I told you that Pose Fair was starting soon and that there was a challenge for creators, bloggers and residents to take and post a picture showing what Second Life would be like without poses.  I immediately thought of couple poses and even though summer is on the way out, I thought of all the fun summer shots I have seen the past couple of months.  So, you wanted to snuggle with your partner on an inner tube…sorry!  You wanted a shot of you and your friends sharing a slice of watermelon?  Nope, not happening.  No shots of bike rides, kite flying, swimming, rollerskating…no pictures in that loving embrace or saying “I Do” or playing with your puppies and kittens…no butterflies landing on your nose or finger…none of that.  Imagine if all we could do are those lovely noob stances, you know the ones…hands on hips, now lean forward to the right…and then back to the left…talk about exciting!

I think Ruby Starlight, the owner of Pose Fair, said it best…

“What kind of photos would we have if we didn’t have poses? No matter how beautiful your avatar is, no matter what kind of amazing background set you have, if you left your avatar standing there poseless and wobbly, your photo would look ridiculous! Poses are what make photos of avatars COME ALIVE! So let’s take a look at what kind of Second Life we’d really have if we didn’t have poses. ♥

I can’t wait to see the shots everyone comes up with and I invite you to play along.  The #ADayWithoutAPose is happening NOW!  Be sure to check out the Pose Fair Flickr page here for more of these fun challenge photos.  Pose Fair opens on September 7th at 3 PM SLT.  


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Navy + Copper – Joy

Bikini – Blueberry – Jenna Bikini



Sway’s [Kenda] Floating Ring . Watermelon Pink
Sway’s [Kenda] Floating Ring . Watermelon Yellow
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Towel flat . Watermelon
Sway’s [Naolin] Beach Umbrella . Watermelon

Heart Garden Center – Coco Palms Leaning

Paradise Waterfalls & Landscaping – Pink Fairy Pops Flowers

*On him:  Signature Gianni, Catwa Daniel, StrayDog Gian, Dufaux Jogger Shorts and Action Darmody Veganic Hair*

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