Ahoy There! The Ghee Nautical Summer Hunt: 1st-31st July

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Ahoy there! Ghee and friends have put together a nautical fashion themed hunt with 36 prizes for adults and 10 for kids, priced at just 10L each, hidden in little red ships’ anchors that you will find around the stores and retail park.
Scroll down to see what you can find, and some helpful, sometimes cryptic, hints to help you find your way around!
Ghee brings you a complete mix match capsule collection for you to find! All clothing is for Maitreya Lara, Belleza Freya and Slink Hourglass mesh bodies only. Unrigged accessories come with resizers.
1. Ghee likes to TREAT it’s customers well!
2. Go ask Alice!
3. No matter how fast you go, you will always have to “stop” in order to find me.
4.  That’s a handy way to get around in SL!
5. If you are walking on the beach, you might find something shiny and “metallic” in the sand.
6. While my future is so bright I might need shades, this one is indeed a true velvety smooth “topper”
7. There’s something cagey about these boots.
8. These remind me of  those 1960s Italian films where they ride by waving and saying “Ciao!”
9. Halfway up the stairs is the stair where I sit.
10. Covering just enough to ensure modesty I will look like the sun has “embroidered” me with its golden and orange rays.
11. Flowery, stripey, any way. In our experience, a Ghee Girl can never have too many swimsuits!
12. Besame Mucho! A thousand kisses for you.
13. Is that a monarch butterfly forming in the mind of an artist? 
14. A nice place to sit and have a chat(ter).
15. To find this one, you may need to “phone” a friend.
16. Your blueberry Pancakes and coffee are served!
17. Baby steps will get you closer to the prize.
18. To find me, you must rise above the freakshow around you to become “mistress” of all you survey.
19. You will never “vant to be alone” in this gorgeous coat.
20. You’ll need to apply yourself to finding this one!
21. Look for a girl with flowers in her hair.
22. Are you feeling lucky today?
23. You might need the wings of an angel to rise to where I am.
24. You may find me “lightheaded” but I have a great bum!
25. Everything may look just “rosey” through these lenses.

Baby Ghee – 10 prizes
1. Looking for a shell but in spanish!
2. I won a RARE!!!!
3.  Finding the sea in space?
4. Up… down… up… down…. Wooooooo!!
5.  Ice cream time!
6.  She is naked!
7. This dog is not barking!
8. Those nails have glitter!
9. Sale! Sale! Sale!
10.  Beautiful Bacon!
ALMA Makeup – 3 prizes – makeup applier sets for LeLutka, Catwa, Genus and Omega. 
1. A good place to start looking for information about ALMA Makeup.
2. Looks like the busker is taking a break.
3. This really is a “beautiful explosion” of self admiration!
Fairey Poses – 3 prizes – 1 female, 1 male and 1 couple pose.
1. A hunt can be exhausting, so sometimes you need to get more energy with a short break and a healthy snack.
2. Enter the dragon!
3. Sometimes an adventure begins at a reception desk, waiting for your key to open doors full of enjoyment, relaxation and shopping. 

Heels – 3 prizes – sandals for Maitreya feet


1. Find out more about the mission behind Heels.

2. Maybe the gardener dropped this one when he was pruning the hydrangeas.

3. It can be useful to use one of these to carry your shopping.

Jeanie Waydelich Store – 1 prize – shape for Catwa Catya Bento Mesh Head.
Hint: Look up by the window at Jeanie’s little store.

 Luna Body Art – 1 Prize, manicure and pedicure for Maitreya, Belleza, Slink and Vista nails.

Hint:  Do you fancy a donut while you wait for your manicure today?

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