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The Marais Apartment by ChiMia is available in several colors. You can purchase your own at the main-store and on the marketplace!

All of the furniture and decor are by ChiMia and available at the Flourish Event.

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Decor Information
Decor: Marais Apartment (Gilded Black) by ChiMia (available at the main-store)

The Following are some of the items by ChiMia that are available at the Flourish Event:
ChiMia:: Alexander Sofa (PG) w/ menu
ChiMia:: Alexander Armchair (PG) w/ menu
ChiMia:: Reading Lamp
ChiMia:: Marble Side Table
ChiMia:: Portoro Marble Coffee Table
ChiMia:: Book Basket
ChiMia:: Gold Minimalist Candles
ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Newspaper
ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Book
ChiMia:: Francais Cafe Cup


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Flourish Event
December 23 – January15
In-World ⚜ Website ⚜ Flickr ⚜ Facebook

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