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Featuring {What Next}, |T|L|C| Home Collection, Infiniti and Atelier Visconti

Here we are, moving happily into fall and I am loving the autumn hues.  The title of this post is actually a children’s book from my childhood and though it was originally published in 1960 it is still in print today.  The story is about a baby bird that hatches while his mother has left the nest to look for food and he proceeds to ask everything from a hen to a dog to a cow and finally a car if any of them are his mother.  I imagined this fox was thinking the same thing about me in this Foxy hair from Truth.  It’s an oldie but a goody and I always use it in at least one or two fall photos.

What am I featuring today?  Well, I am super excited to be able to call {What Next} a new sponsor.  I just love (and practically own) everything they have created.  I am featuring their Autumn Bicycle, some adorable critters from |T|L|C| Home Collection, a beautiful Old Drinking Trough from Atelier Visconti and this fun fall pose set from Infiniti,  Check out the credits to find out all of the details and landmarks!


What I’m wearing

Victoria’s Standards

Hair – Truth – Foxy

Top – Ryvolter – Yelena Turtleneck

Jeans – *COCO* – High Waist Jeans – Wide Cuff

Shoes – Reign. – September Sneakers


{What Next} – Autumn Bicycle Decor

|T|L|C| Home Collection

Piglet – Standing
Red Fox Adult

Atelier Visconti  – Old Drinking Trough @ The Liaison Collaborative

Heart Garden Center – Wildflowers Fly Honeysuckle Bush – Autumn Red

Studio Skye – Skye Enchanted Woods v3


Infiniti– Fall Forever Pose & Prop @ Pose Fair

via Pretty Things, Nice Life!

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