Modern Mod Style

Recently in Fashion Class at school we had an assignment to do "Decades." One of my besties Justina wore a 60s Mod Style type of outfit and it inspired me. Had the outfit ready to go but was [...]

Morning Jogs

I've always loved to jog in the morning. Something about the air it just feels so clean and crisp. When you breathe it in and out it almost feels euphoric like cleansing bad vibes and just [...]

Comfy and Chic

The weather is starting to cool down. Time to start looking for some mid winter clothes. It isn't so cold yet so I can still get away with comfy capris! Really love this time of year when the [...]

Summer Breeze

Summer is here again! Max and me decided to take a bike ride cause it was such a nice breezy day. I tried to put a leash on him but he didn't let me. He ran along side me pretty well so I just [...]

So Many Colors Falling

As Fall slowly seeps in and gives way to winter the colors around us start to turn into brown. Where I live the colors are still very bright since it's been raining a lot. Its almost as if the [...]

Autumn is Uber

The September round of Uber has brought with it a few cozy sweaters it feels so Autumny (who cares if its not a word shhh). Oh how I love this time of year! My favorite sweater at the event was [...]