headpiece and collar Zibska Tiste, new release for Spellbound! makeup Zibska Andmere lipcolor, new release for Gloss! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   dress Minimal Michele gacha Michele dress in nude   shot on location at Minimal  
    gown Jumo Adele, with earrings, new release for Sense! thank you June ❤ Jumo   eyemakeup Zibska Emeline, new release for TLC! Zibska   hair Lamb Kitty, in light browns, for The Saturday Sale     shot on location at  
  top Paper Moon Aegean halter, for We Love Roleplay! Necklace Paper Moon Necklace of Da’at! thank you Sohma ❤   makeup (on both looks) Zibska Marise, new release for Anybody! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   look 1 hair Tram I0528 skirt Paper Moon Caravan Catina Velvet Burnout skirt in […]
  For my first post as Paper Moon blogger I am showing you:   Market stalls, available in 5 colors in fresh and faded Fabric fence nouveau, available in 6 colors in fresh and faded Oasis reflection pool in blue thank you Somha ❤ Paper Moon   other items 8f8 The Sweetest spot gacha […]
  hair Truth Alias, groupgift top and jeans Blueberry Natalia capri jeans and Natalia Cami top face tattoo Bolson L&#82...
  headpiece and eyemakeup Zibska Tomi, new release for The Seasons Story! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   bikini Lulu Ondine in onyx! thank you Ninette ❤ tattoo Nar Mattaru Rough seas sands Izzie’s Body Beach sand hair Tableau Vivant Rain in browns (vintage)   shot on location at […]
  dress Jumo Alice Scarf, new release for On9! thank you June ❤ Jumo   hair Astrology Pearl II, for FLF   shot on location at Nitroglobus gallery, while I visited the opening night of the exhibit Silence by David Silence      
  veil and hair Jumo Sabre, new release for Designer Showcase! eyeliner Jumo Hannah, new release for E-Bento! earrings Jumo Dallas (part of outfit), new release for Swankt! scarf Jumo Bronte (part of outfit)! thank you June ❤ Jumo   dress Azul Faye in onyx! thank you Mami ❤   […]
    dress Jumo Dallas, new release for Swank! thank you June ❤ Jumo   makeup Zibska Reticle eyemakeup, new release! thank you Zib ❤   hair Tram , for C88 earrings LaGyo Ines, for Fameshed heels Breathe Jamie   shot on location at     this time […]
  outfit Sascha’s Designs Hawaii Breeze top and shorts, new release for Swank! thank you Sascha ❤ Sascha’s Designs   headwear Zibska Polona, new release for Salon 52! Opens the 10th! makeup Zibska Emeline eyemakeup, new release for TLC! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   necklace LaGyo Seaside, for […]
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