youtubue       Is it the ability to make art? Keep and love pets? She is not sure.   Paper Moon Gamer Graffiti Wall decal, in fresh and faded, new release! thank you Sohma ❤ 25% off while at the event! LOADING… runs August 9th – August 29 shown are Code, Player 1, […]
accessories and makeup Zibska Ruina Collar with fish* and hooks, and makeup, for Driftwood! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska *I colored the fish red, the other fish are with the skin, listed below   skin and fish Fallen Gods Flow balance skin and tropical fish goldfish Barberyumyum B07 hair (goldfish parts) […]
  dress Azul Viivi, new exclusive pre-release for On9! thank you Mami ❤ shown in nude color, dress comes with boots Azul   makeup Zibska Tria, new release for Anybody! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   hair BTTB Himlakropp, for Collabor88 backdrop skybox Anxiety Louis apartment, for Uber  
  David: (shows up at my platform carrying a light sword) Do you want to take pictures of us with the gifts in a sci fi fight scene? Me: yes, cool, I can do that hair too! (changes to appropriate outfit and takes out katana) Me: (in a dark voice) I see your Swartz is […]
sunglasses Jumo Grace sunglasses! dress Jumo Anna gown! lipcolor Jumo Gabrielle lipcolor! thank you June ❤ Jumo   bag Tentacio Leather bag, group gift hair Wasabi Brianna, for Collabor 88 heels Phedora Boney     shot on location at Grauland
  “I have called on the Goddess and found her within myself” ― Marion Zimmer Bradley, The Mists of Avalon    look 1 makeup and accessories Zibska Elaine set and makeup, new release for Enchantment! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   poses An Lar The above series, for Enchantment gown Ersch Goddess gacha Goddess […]
  shirt Paper Moon Gamer girl graffiti shirt, new release! thank you Sohma ❤ in fresh and faded versions, shown Player 2 in fresh and High score in fades   with look 1 hair Tableau Vivant Bunbun in blonds, for Collabor88 pants Coco Joggers in black earphones Attic Summer headphones Kitty pink, […]
I remember finding pictures of the house my mother grew up in, in a small village, her family had animals, a relatively simple life, she had to do a lot of chores. She always told stories about how she dreamed to get out of that small town, of going to New York and be an […]
  pants Sascha’s Designs Disco glitter hud pants, new release! thank you Sascha ❤   heels Garbaggio Natalie boots, for Uber bag Seul Crossbody bag, gift at Uber hair Entwined Savannah in browns top Coco Tanktop with bra Arts jacket Coco Over the shoulder leather jacket poses with cigarette […]
  top Paper Moon  St. Monica chest armour in new faded color release! thank you Sohma ❤ For Syndicated Sundays (August 3 – August 11) the sets and the collectors set are  50% off at the mainstore, before going to regular prizes PaperV-Tech Moon   Accessories Davide adornment & shoulders gift pac Zibska , gift […]
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