gown Azul Faye, pre-release shown in gold, for Sense! thank you Mami ❤ Azul   hat Zibska Tizia, new release for Flourish! makekup Zibska Aoife, new release for AnyBody! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   earrings Purple Moon Art deco earrings heels Breathe Jaime hair Barberyumyum Bangs […]
  dress Azul Karina, pre-release, shown in sakura, for The Trunk Show! thank you Mami ❤ Azul   headwear and makeup Zibska Delphie headwear, eyemakeup and lipcolor, new release for The Trunk Sow! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   hair Barberyumyum B07 bouquet Lode July Poppy bouquet in red […]
    gown Jumo Penelope gown, new release for Sense! earrings Jumo Laura jewelry, earrings shown, new release for Dubai! boa Jumo Emily Boa, new release for Teh Trunk Show! lipcolor Jumo Gloria, new release for E-Bento! thank you June ❤ Jumo   makup Zibsa Erol, new release! thank you […]
.   bikini Blueberry Sunny bikini in nude hair Tram IO528, for Collabor88   Merak Beach delight gacha Beach rocks with poses (rare), Floor cushion, Floor cushion yellow, Floor cushion summer, Cherry basket, Beach mat decor, Closed umbrella type A, Bread&olive tray, Wrapped sandwich tray, Natural wood table, Bamboo divider, for The Arcade […]
  Dahlia Gokotta gacha Cushion blue, Berry bowl, Lounging pillow, Lace table, Lanterns open and closed, Bruleed eggas, Croissants, Mimosa’s&glass, for The Arcade Apple May Blissful gacha Cake in white, for The Arcade Dustbunny Strawberry Season Bowl op berries, Plant and Cake, for Fameshed Moss & Mink Beach bunny gacha Shelter pink […]
  Milk Motion Vineyard picnic gacha Vines, Grapes, for The Arcade Anc Little Garden gacha Ribbon cage chair, for The Arcade Anc Geranium in sakura Granola The homestead experience gacha Blackberries, Farm eggs, Honey&berries, Rustic tomatoes, Rustic avocados&chili, Waterpump, Clean and Mossy beehives Granola Stay bumble clothes line and tub (group […]
  outfit Jumo Coraline, with earrings, new release for Swank! thank you June ❤ Jumo   makeup Zibska Aoife, new release for Anybody! thank you Zib ❤ Zibska   hair Besom Dadra   shot on location at The Mother road  
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