Seeds Of Change

Hair: StealthicHead: Lelutka – Briannon @Skin Fair 2021Brows: Kokolores – Strong Brows @Skin Fair 2021Skin: Glam AffairNecklace: Empire (unavailable)Top: Thalia Heckroth – LianaPose: DiversionBackdrop: Paleto


Hair: Opale – Jojo @FameshedHead: Lelutka – Briannon @Skin Fair 2021Brows: Kokolores – Unruly Brows @Skin Fair 2021Skin: Glam Affair @Skin Fair 2021Eyeshadow: Poema – Frutti @DubaiEarrings: Aleutia

We’ll Be Fine

Hair: Opale – SonavaGlasses: Suicidal UnbornPiercing: Suicidal UnbornTop: CaboodleJeans: Vive NinePose: Poseway (unavailable)Backdrop: Lyrium
It has been a while since I last blogged. For over a month, my Mom has been ill. It has taken a toll on me emotionally, physically and creatively. I have lost interest in most things. Even now this blog … Continue reading

Happy Anywhere

Hair: Opale – MerinaGlasses: AurealisLipstick: LeagueNails: AlmeSweater: Thalia Heckroth – CaterinaSkirt: ErraticPose: Bounce ThisBackdrop: Synnergy

Fine Line

Hair: Sintiklia – AmaliaHead: Lelutka – RiverSkin: RevoulEyeliner: PoemaEarrings: VibingNails: AlmeSweater: AvantiPose: Diversion
Hair: Sintiklia – LeahWatch: KunstTop: AltairJeans: AddamsFries: HangryProp/Pose: AnimosityBackdrop: Minimal
Hair: Opale – Laila @FameshedHead: Lelutka – RiverSkin: RevoulLipstick: Izzie’sNails: AlmeJacket: Thalia Heckroth – RaniaProp/Pose: DiversionRail: Animosity

Dreamy Eyes

Hair: Little BonesHead: Lelutka – RynEyeshadow: Top1SalonSkin: RevoulNails: AlmeNecklace: MinimalTop: Tee*fyPose: Gingerfish

In This Moment

Hair: Sintiklia – OlufemiEarrings: MeLipstick: LeagueNails: AlmeBracelet: Crystal LineDress: Thalia Heckroth – AndreaPose: DiversionBackground: Bdrop