Hangin’ Out!

So Jourdy has decided to explore and found the perfect place at Orchard Heights to do so. If you’ve never been to Orchard Heights be sure to check it out. There’s tons to do and not [...]

Fall is here!

Jourdy loves fall, all of the colors and smells, sounds that are in the woods and all around. The air gets crisper and with it colder, even though this is not a part that she likes. So dressed [...]

Time for fun

Jourdy is dressed for a relaxing day of doing absolutely nothing but making sure she looks good at the same time.   Hat/Hair – lock&tuft – russ fatpack FLF by alyxxbanks [...]

School Time

Ugh, time for school, at least I look good.   Hair – MINA & EF – Harmony – Reds by Mina Nakamura Outfit- AMITOMO.unbalance knit look SET2 by WoomiLatte [...]

Mall Time!

Jourdy is ready to head to the mall in this cute new outfit from Conceito! This outfit is now at the annual Urban Rocks event. Event begins September 23, 2017 @ 2 PM SLT.   Top and [...]