Fly like a butterfly!Midna-Noir Store, Safira, Tableau Vivant, Cosmopolitan.Safira. Neidi Romper at Cosmopolitan:::NOIR+MIDNA:::  Smoothie Raspberry Drink at MainstoreTableau Vivant \\ U-bob  at MainstoreCosmopolitan LMNoir Store Tableau...
The wind take me!Breathe, Vanilla Bae, Fameshed, Uber*Vanilla Bae* Laverna Dress at uber[BREATHE]-Misaya Heels at FameshedFameshed LMUber LMModel and Photographer; Marissa


Noe!Axix, E.A Studio, Formanails, Foxy, GenusGENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - MocapShape by Me (if you want a copy of my shape, please IM inworld Mariselaa, so i can sell you for a low price, with NC)::Axix:: DelicateDesire Straps Top...


Squares!Belle Epoque, Tableau Vivant, Neo JapanBelle Epoque - Maitane - Squares at MainstoreTableau Vivant \\ Tamami at Neo JapanNeo Japan LMBelle Epoque StoreModel and Photographer; Marissa
Who´s that girl?Breathe, Foxy, Mangula, KinkyMangula Leila Set at Mainstore[BREATHE]-Mitsumi Heels at KinkyKinky LMMangula StoreModel and Photographer; Marissa


Bella...Belle Epoque, Tableau VivantBelle Epoque-Bella dress at MainstoreTableau Vivant \\  Rhya hair at MainstoreBelle Epoque StoreTableau Vivant Storemodel and Photographer; Marissa


Julia...Jumo, Designer ShowcaseJumo- Felicity Gown at Designer ShowcaseDesigner Showcase LMModel and Photographer; Marissa
Best noodles in town!Breathe, FashionNatic, Foxy, Trés Chic, UberFashionNatic -  JEANS - ELIANNA OVERALL at Trés Chic[BREATHE]-Mihoka Heels- at Uber#Foxy - MondazeTrés Chic LMUber LMModel and Photographer: Marissa
Always be mine!BONDI, Miu, N unoMiu - Melanie hoodie at MainstoreN-Uno - Irma Jeans  at MainstoreBONDI . PM N1 Glasses at MainstoreBONDI StoreMiu StoreN.Uno StoreModel and Photographer; Marissa
Dust in the wind...Belle Epoque, We <3 RPBelle Epoque-amelia at We <3 RpWe <3 RP LMModel and Photographer; Marissa
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