Then why's it feel so good?Belle Epoque, BONDI, Stealtich, CosmopolitanBelle Epoque - Sybil - White at MainstoreBONDI . The Eternal Glasses  at CosmopolitanStealthic - AllureCosmopolitan LMBelle Epoque StoreModel and Photographer: Marissa
 This is wanna make us girls...Belle Epoque, Doux , Epiphany Belle Epoque - One Of Us - RAREBelle Epoque - One Of Us - Coffee RedBelle Epoque - One Of Us - Bag Redat EpiphanyDOUX - Sixty NineEpiphany LMModel and Photographer; Marissa
 Not just a pretty girl...Monso, Toksik, United Colors[monso] Lalisa Hair toksik - PVC JacketUC_Patricia_top at MainstoreUC LmModel and Photographer: Marissa
 Healing...Breathe, Scandalize, Tableau Vivant,Collabor88, UberScandalize.NAISARE  at Collabor88[BREATHE]-Misasa Sneakers at UberTableau Vivant \\ Soiree hair at Collabor88Collabor88 LMUber LMModel and Photographer: Marissa
 Antes de que muera yo...Belle Epoque, Breathe, Tableau VivantBelle Epoque - Cassie at mainstore[BREATHE]-Mizumi Heels at MainstoreTableau Vivant \\ Jacob at MainstoreBelle Epoque LMBreathe LmTableau Vivant LMModel and Photogrpher: Marissa
 Resurrection...Belle Epoque,  Tableau Vivant, This is Wrong, UberBelle Epoque - The Elf - Top BlackBelle Epoque - The Elf - Skirt Blackat MainstoreTableau Vivant \\ Bray  at UberTHIS IS WRONG Nightmare tattooUber LMBelle Epoque LMModel ...
 Forever young...Doux, Scandalize, FameshedSCANDALIZE. AMISHARY SET. at FameshedDOUX - Martina Fameshed LMModel and Photographer; Marissa
 Y adivina quién viene por ahí...Doux, Scandalize, Vanity EventSCANDALIZE. ANNIAN SET. at VanityVanity LMModel and Photographer: Marissa 


 Music...Belle Epoque, Bondi, Exile,CosmopolitanBelle Epoque-Rosie at MainstoreBONDI . Party Headphones . at CosmopolitanExile Jenna at MainstoreCosmopolitan LMExile StoreBelle Epoque StoreModel and Photographer; Marissa
 Anima head...Anima headANIMA - VICTORIA Head - at  MainstoreAnima Head MainstoreModel and Photographer: Marissa