Sadystika Sabretooth

I learnt to grow old when I was younger Scared of staying young Afraid of the thoughts that I had conjured That sat atop my tongue Knowing I’d change the worlds opinion If they would just, listen up But they won’t, now I feel worthless Maybe I should open the drawer Burn the pages Write […]
This is my thought process brought to life…okay, pixels! GAW! Ok, so sometimes I take a picture with nothing in mind to write about and lately….as I’m sure you know…I’ve been struggling with topics to write about, because my life is uneventful, okay? So, I rack my brain sometimes trying to think of something to […]
I don’t have a lot to say, because I’m disappointed in people again. It never fails to surprise me how some people can be so low down and dirty. Every time I try to dip my toe into being social again, I remember why I keep to myself. So, rather than rant on about lies […]
I wish I could do yoga in real life. I suppose there are some poses I could do, but due to my physical limitations, traditional yoga is not in the cards. Of course, had I just thought about the other realities of my life when taking this photo, I would have included a cat pouncing […]
From the moment I saw these lions from Rezz Room, I knew exactly what type of photo I wanted to do. Lucky for me, I have some very patient friends that were more than willing to pose all pretty. What I was going for was one of those situations where models are doing an editorial […]
When the world is laughing at itself, all she can do is cry But when the world is scared and crying out, she laughs fearless inside ‘Cause she believes ’til she can see Floating freely, breathing easy over stratospheres Eternity throws glory, stars redeeming all the years Do you believe and will you dream Turning […]
These burning flames, these crashing waves Wash over me like a hurricane I’ll captivate, you’re hypnotized Feel powerful but it’s me again Come, lay me down ‘Cause I know this ‘Cause I know this lord In the middle of the night, in the middle of the night Just call my name, I’m yours to tame […]
If you see me floatin’ too many times My face will be painted in these white brick lines ‘Cause all my fear’s invading All the crazies put on buses and sent up here to find you Livin’ on the limits And if you say goodbye too many times The sentinels will find me and switch […]
The colors are fadin’ out Is it quiet where you’re sleepin’? Your records, my empty house I wish I knew what you were feelin’ Fightin’ every instinct while you hold your pride Back to the beginning, it swallows my mind You’re all that I think about I even see you when I’m dreamin’ I wish […]
She was too young to be the Hollywood type Too pure to understand the lows and the highs She didn’t know if she was gonna survive It all got so much better with time All of the evil eyes Tequila before sunrise I’d tell her to watch her back That she’s worth more than that […]