Sadystika Sabretooth

“There’s a foul combination Just like fever a celebration I’ll hate it if i’m losing I will love you if i’m choosing all right You’re the smoke babe, the confusion You’re my favourite new illusion Keep your secrets, keep your danger Love me baby like a stranger tonight My credentials you can change it My […]
“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.” ― Federico García Lorca, Blood Wedding and Yerma   Basics: head: CATWA HEAD Catya body: Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara skin: [Glam Affair] Dee Applier hair: Exile – Mia Kibitz – Mosita’s earrings (Yummy) Grace Ring Set @ Uber Ascendant – Call me […]
Sometimes doing what’s right for myself seems to hurt those around me, because they don’t understand my choices. Their path is not my own and I don’t expect them to fully understand. Unfortunately, there are times that I cannot find a way to explain my choices without hurting their feelings. It’s not about them, though, […]
Using words like worms on a fish hook disguised in a seemingly innocent instant message is a sad pathetic way to lure women into your proverbial boat. You will be the one that is eventually caught in the net you’ve cast. You see, we fish communicate with one another and through our vast sea of […]
People make me sad. One of my dear friends was persecuted on that dreadful website that everyone claims to loathe, yet they all seem to read…me included. *sighs* Honestly, the website mostly amuses me, because more often than not its silly stuff like “John is a cheater!” and “Becky is a whore.” There’s usually a […]
“We’ll all be planning that route We’re gonna take real soon We’re waxing down our surfboards We can’t wait for June We’ll all be gone for the summer We’re on surfari to stay Tell the teacher we’re surfin’ Surfin’ U. S. A.” ~ The Beach Boys – Surfin’ USA dust bunny . beach day . […]
“I just kept hoping, I just kept hopingThe way would become clearI spent all this time tryna play nowI found my way here See, I’ve been having me a real hard timeBut it feels so nice to know I’m gonna be alright So I just kept dreaming, yeah, I just kept dreamingIt wasn’t very hardI […]
“Even if the whole world knows I don’t give a damn about what they think I don’t have to stand up to your gun I don’t have to sit down when you say Tell me I’m overboard The truth is you just want to see me sink If there’s any room left on that ship […]
Summer is upon us and the sun is burning bright all around the grid. Dahlia created the absolute cutest little cooler and you can stock it full of all your favorite flavors, but you don’t have to stop there. These sodas can be rez’d or worn! Decorate to your hearts content and when you’re done, […]
“Every day is a getaway when all of it goes unsaid I got a holiday a paid holiday I got a holiday in my head And what you want, what you really need Are two different things wouldn’t you say The line is thin between fun and sin And we’re all clocking in for the […]