The Waifu


merry night

Turns out she didn’t get home in time. She better make up for it then. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡STUN / Bianca Bento Pose Pack @Vanity ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡ coat: momochuu / mia coat & hoodiebra: spoiled / heated fall off brapanties: spoiled / gory...


Seems like she and her little pomeranian son won’t be getting home early to dinner. Maybe she should call his dad to pick them up. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Sorumin / Cookies Mood Gacha @TGGSTUN / Heloisa Bento Anim Pack @Vanity ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: lamb / stellaracc: kres / iconic headbandpet: rezz room / pomeranian reindeer animesheyes: gloom / gaki & suicidal unborn […]

frozen marilyn

She is a fallen queen, who’ve been powerful and absolute in the past but thanks to her greediness and vanity, she’s now just a ghost of what she used to be. Frozen in time inside her cave, she seeks to understand what’s the meaning of this new existence. But of course, not without learning ways […]


I’m certain the trail to home is that way. Or at least it was. I’m not sure anymore. It’s too cold. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Mug / Winter Cutie Gacha @ArcadeSTUN / Bibi Bento Pose Pack @LEVEL♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: magika / irene & st...


She was hoping he would give her a ride home. But again, he couldn’t. Another trouble, another excuse. Maybe it’s time she find another one. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Mug / Popular Girls Gacha @MainstoreSTUN / Cheerleader Bento Pose Pack @Ma...

the cure

Would you trust your life in the hands of another person? Specially if the person is a cold-blood mysterious vixen? No? Not even if she has really cool tattoos and a cute dress? ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Mug / Killer Nurse Gacha @Mainstore♡♡♡ others ♡♡...


You can be a damsel but never let them put you into any kind of distress. Instead, you take that and turn it into a fire that will make the impossible seem like just the start. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡STUN / Bibi Bento Pose Pack @LEVELV-TECH / Devil Slayer Gacha @TheArcade ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: wasabi / daphnetop: momochuu / tiny short topnails: toksik / […]

sweet escape

The best part of having rules is the possibility of breaking them. Have fun, be free, respect trans rights and drink water. ♡♡♡ wearing ♡♡♡hair: truth / kitten SALEtop: bttb / kort shirt SALEjacket: bttb / stockolm jacket SALEsocks: parfait / beast ear socks LUCKY LETTERnecklace: the oak / love chain choker SALEnails: livia / metallics no. 1 […]


All about being wearing sparkles, piercings, being superficial and listening to some bubblegum pop. Some think it’s good, some think it’s bad. But that’s definitely HOT. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡STUN / Evie Bento Anim. Pack @MainstoreV-TECH / Spiked Pasties @Mainstore ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: runaway / stacy & barberyumyum / top: mossu / celestial brashorts: mug / ruby lightnails: livia / metallics no. 1necklace: the […]


In honor of the reigning queen of rap, i couldn’t let this #pinkprint look go without doing some pics. Also, i’m missing the fashionable shots. I’m trying a different viewer for the first time and that I think it made quite a difference on the final product, but i’ll keep testing it. ♡♡♡ wearing ♡♡♡leggings: […]
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