The Waifu

Bow to the all mighty Cthulhu, the ancient one. Or just get to the dancefloor and burn everything down with your dance moves. Either way, you gotta know how to move your body if you wanna survive. My inspiration for this was the cover of the new Rina Sawayama song, which i am obsessed with […]

moon child

Forget all the moon gods and goddesses of mythology, she’s blessed by Diana herself, one of the best champions in the league. 🌸🌸🌸 wearing 🌸🌸🌸Mug / Monica Skirt @ Kustom9 🌸🌸🌸 others 🌸🌸🌸hair: truth / destiny & truth / eternity bangslips: momochuu / bride seteyes: gloom / ahegao (pink)& moon (black)choker: michan / alyssatop: pseudo […]

on your knees

♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Spoiled / Goddess Collection @Equal10♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: barberyumyum / t10lips: mudskin / man woleyes: gloom / ahegao (pink)& moon (black)collar: real evil / simone heart collarink: dappa / love tattoo ...

higher love

Fear not, because i’ll be with you all the way. When the world starts trembling, just say my name. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Lila Earrings @MainstoreSorumin / My Goddess Set @CupidSTUN / Heaven ValentinesNAJA / Holy Shine Blush @MP♡♡♡ ot...

ginger cat

You know what does it mean to have nine lives? Well, nine times more fun. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Mug / Amore Harness @FameshedXNAJA / Neko Bento Poses @MP♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: barberyumyum / b07mask: aleutia / rowaneyes: gloom / ahegao (pink)& moon...


There is a fine line between love and hate and she is the embodiment of that line. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Kenna Necklace @MainstoreSorumin / Love Yourself Set @AnthemSTUN / Lulu Bento Pose Pack @LevelFAKEICON / Asdar Ring Set @CupidInc♡♡♡ ot...


I’ve been feeling my Kill Bill vibes these days. What if i were a part of the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad, but this time giving a new face to the iconic Cottonmouth title? Making sure now we’ll get a better ending. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Emma Garter @KinkyV-TECH / Scorpion @Mainstore ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / nylah& barberyumyum / t01 bangseyes: arise / yinglips: the […]
You don’t need a date to enjoy your night. Dress up, choose a nice place, your favorite meal and just enjoy yourself. 2020 vibes. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Sorumin / Maybe Date Gacha @GGSTUN / Ember Bento Pose Pack @Vanity ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: doe / joy& barberyumyum / t01 bangseyes: arise / yinglips: luxrebel / bite me lipglossbracelet: vobe / arrow lovenecklace: meli imako / four […]


Sylphs are mythological creatures perceived as air spirits. They’re known to be playful fairies that love to prank other beings. Be careful around them. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡NAJA / blue sky face paint @MPMug / Alicia Shirt @N21Mug / Backpack Junkie Gacha @Equal10STUN / Heart Bento Animation Pack @Vanity ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / scouteyes: arise / yinglips: momochuu / love setshorts: pseudo […]

hot pink

♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Gracia Earrings @SanaraeMug / Crissie Tank @Equal10STUN / Ember Bento Pose Pack @Vanity♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: moon / haikueyes: arise / yingband-aids: bonbon / band aidsskirt: seul / l...
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