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cream n cherry

Prepare for trouble! And make it double! The scarlet twins are here and they’re ready to take over your dessert… or head… or whatever. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡Spoiled / Sweet Seduction Collection @Equal10MICHAN / Kristyna Earrings @AccessMug / Amara Blush @MainstoreMug / Creampie Lingerie @Mainstore ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / elixir (left) & horizon (right)lips: mudskin […]


Yes, The Witcher is my new obsession. No, i ain’t afraid to show it, as you can see i’m proudly wearing that geek hat. I just had to put something together to show my love for this queen who just ate the whole season up: Yennefer of Vengerberg! ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡ hair: stealthic / devotioneyes: gloom / lunaoutfit: pixicat / […]

warm dreams

♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡ Mug / Dani Shorts @Mainstore V-TECH / Lizzie Top @Mainstore STUN / Dia Bento Pose Pack @LEVEL♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / natalie& barberyumyum / bangs Eears: scandalize / ilia...


Yeah, love can hurt, but only figuratively. Don’t let anyone mistreat you. You deserve to be loved, cherished and celebrated. Don’t take yourself for granted and don’t allow others to do so. Never. If you’re hurt by a relationship (being it a boyfriend, a friend or even someone in your family), seek help. Take care […]


You have to be smart while picking your fights, but no matter which way you go, make sure you’re as cute as you can. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡ MICHAN / Emmie Earrings @Mainstore Mug / Brandi Baggy Jeans @Anthem ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: doux / lisaberet: toksik / cushy bereteyes: gloom / ahegao (left)& moon (right)lips: mudskin / man wolbruises: mudskin / man woltop: seul / cotton crop turtleboots: bowtique […]


Happy new year! May 2020 be as gentle with you as you are to others. The best part of a new beginning is the self evaluation. Separating what you’re doing right so you can keep doing it from what you’re doing wrong so you can cut the bad off yourself. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡ Sorumin / Lovely Lingerie @Mainstore […]


There are some good ways to raise your serotonin levels: food, exercise, bright light and massages. Pick your favorite and enjoy. Or just do many at once. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Alana Lashes @KinkyMug / Robin Leggings @Belle Mug / Mia Sneakers @Mainstore ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / eternity& stealthic / hime bangs Beyes: gloom / ahegao (left)& moon (right)lips: mudskin / somitop: pseudo / lulu setwaist: […]


You know what’s better than cuddle with a really hot and steamy company? Cuddle with a really hot steamy company that can’t complain and stay on all night. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Noelle Lashes [Genus Powder Pack Dec.] @MPMug / Snuggle Time Gacha @Epiphany ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: truth / kitten & stealthic / hime bangs Aeyes: gloom / ahegao […]

king princess

Your home is your own little kingdom. Specially after a big party with your noisy family. Let them know who owns this place. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Noelle Lashes & Nose Contour [Genus Powder Pack Dec.] @MPMug / Faye Heels @MainstoreFAKEICON / Tinsel Boa @Mainstore ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: doux / meccaeyes: gloom / moon (left) & namichuu / frostbite GIFToutfit: miss chelsea / tovecrown: asteroidbox / festive […]


All hail to the queen of the jungle. Or kinda, sorta. Well, at least she’s really pretty. ♡♡♡ featuring ♡♡♡MICHAN / Alyssa Lashes @ACCESSNAJA / Deer Face Mask @MPMug / Vickie Corset @Mainstore V-TECH / Body Roses @Mainstore MICHAN / Santa Purse @TannenbaumMug / Witchy Hands Gacha @MainstoreNAJA / Neko Bento Poses @MP ♡♡♡ others ♡♡♡hair: doux / cordeliaboots: bowtique / suede thigh bootseyes: gloom / […]
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