Victoria James

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection I thought my January was going to be filled with pretty winter photos but it seems my mind has other ideas.  I don’t think I have done one winter photo since Christmas which pretty much follows my real life thoughts on snow….I love it at Christmas but then I can be… Continue reading Life Among the Lilypads
Featuring [Krescendo] and [InsurreKtion] Walk with me the water’s edge, when the sun and sea have met… Our shadow’s long, the day is gone, but it’s not dark just yet… A kiss, and passion fills our souls, as the beauty of the night unfolds… Lovers now – in silhouette, we share the stars beyond the… Continue reading Sunsets and Stars
Featuring DaD Virtual Living and The Little Branch It’s time for another round of The Epiphany and DaD Virtual Living has a fun gacha for you.  The Time is Pipe Collection consists of 10 different pipe designs that mimic everyday “people” doing everyday things.  These are great decor pieces that can be used inside or… Continue reading Industrial Park
Featuring Vinyl and Fashiowl Poses I’m not sure if anyone feels the 80’s vibe in this picture or if it’s just me.  I think the bright colors reminded me of all the early 80’s neon and I was listening to my 80’s playlist while I worked on the photo.  So like I said…maybe it’s just… Continue reading That 80’s Vibe
Featuring *KATE* Jewelry and |T|L|C| Home Collection   “She wears strength and darkness equally well, the girl has always been half goddess half hell.” – Nikita Gill-   Credits What I’m wearing Victoria’s Standards Hair – Tram– 1126B Bracelet – *KATE* Jewelry – Scorpion Bracelet Earrings – e.marie – Emma Earrings Decor |T|L|C| Home Collection Scorpion on… Continue reading Pretty Poison
Featuring The Little Branch, |T|L|C| Home Collection and Sway’s You’ll find my heart in the deepest of oceans, of the highest of mountains, the tallest of trees. I’m in love with the sun, each star in the sky, this beautiful world and the journey of life. Christy Ann Martine The quote above…it’s not just a… Continue reading Waiting For Storytime
Featuring ZK Store and PosEd Poses Oh lover, don’t you dare slow down Go longer, you can last more rounds Push harder, you’re almost there now So go lover, make momma proud And when were done, I don’t wanna feel my legs And when were done, I just wanna feel your hands all over me… Continue reading Make Mama Proud
Featuring Refuge and [Aleutia] Everything is wonderful Everything is great Free as a bird singing outside my window pane Got a fresh new start It’s a brand new day And I got lots of love to give away It don’t matter if it’s raining Nothing can phase me I make my own sunshine And if… Continue reading I Make My Own Sunshine
Featuring MudHoney and [Krescendo] Good Morning Good Morning We’ve talked the whole night through Good Morning Good Morning to you Good Morning Good Morning It’s great to stay up late Good Morning Good Morning to you When the band began to play the stars were shining bright Now the milkman’s on his way and it’s… Continue reading Good Morning

Fight Me!

Featuring CandyDoll Well, it’s day 4 and whatever bug I have is hanging around.  I have spent way too much time on the couch or in bed and I’m getting a little stir crazy despite feeling like crap.  I’ve got a bountiful supply of Puffs, cough drops and syrup, chicken broth and orange juice…so all… Continue reading Fight Me!
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