Victoria James

Featuring ZK Store It’s 5 o’clock in the morningConversation got boringYou said you’re goin’ to bed soonSo I snuck off to your bedroomAnd I thought I’d just wait there (uh)Until I heard you come up the stairs (uh)And I pretended I was sleeping (uh) and I was hoping… T-Pain – 5 O’Clock ft. Wiz Khalifa… Continue reading 5 O’Clock In The Morning
Featuring ionic It’s time to take off the Covid weight!  The craziness of these past 5 months is showing in places I don’t want it to show.  Now I am by no means a skinny minny.  I’m a big girl…tall with a little meat on her bones but I can really feel this extra weight… Continue reading Happiness is Homemade
Featuring Granola and [Krescendo] “As long asautumn lasts, Ishall not havehands, canvas andcolors enough topaint the beautifulthings I see.” – Vincent Van Gogh – I dawned on me that perhaps I am enjoying doing these fall photos so much because I truly miss my Michigan autumns.  I’m pretty sure I wrote about this last year… Continue reading Burnt Orange
Featuring Vinyl Apparel , Lyrium Poses and Sway’s Cute as a button!  You see what I did there, right? in button mushrooms…button mushrooms as in my cute little seat from Sway’s!  Ok..moving right along then… lol.  Today I am featuring the Fay Mushroom Seat from Sway’s, a cute romper from Vinyl and a new… Continue reading Cute As A “Button”
Featuring Ana Boutique As the sun whispers goodbye in soft gold, it hugs the earth as one beautiful soul. – Angie Weiland-Crosby – Today I am featuring a new pose from Ana Boutique.  This one comes from the Charisma #3 pack and is available at Pose Fair.  The Pose Fair is still going strong and… Continue reading Nature’s Glow
Featuring {What Next} and Serenity Style Yesterday’s post was a farewell to summer and today’s is a welcome to fall.  I do love to decorate for fall and even though my inventory is full of autumn decor the creators always release something new (or I find some treasure “new” to me) and off I go… Continue reading Welcome Fall
Featuring DaD Virtual Living  and The Little Branch The tans will fade but the memories will last forever. Credits Decor DaD Virtual Living Forgotten Summer Pool – Swimming pool RAREForgotten Summer Pool – TableForgotten Summer Pool Pile of leaves AForgotten Summer Pool Pile of leaves BForgotten Summer Pool Pile of leaves C Forgotten Summer Pool… Continue reading So Long Summer
Featuring {Old Barn Door} Well, well, well!  If you follow my blog you probably know I am a pretty big Disney fan.  If you are new to my blog, hello, hi and yes, I am a big Disney fan.  I even have an album on my Flickr dedicated to a few Disney inspired pictures I… Continue reading A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes
Featuring Granola Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Unless he doesn’tlike sushi, then you also have toteach him to cook. – Auren Hoffman – Credits Victoria’s Standards Hair – Doux – Alana Bodysuit – Luas – Maiko Black Earrings – [VOZ] – Japanese Fabric Earrings Hair Decor – On A Lark – Hair… Continue reading Sake & Sushi
Featuring Luc. Boutique, MudHoney and NinaX If you own a dog or cat I am sure you can relate to this photo.  I have had the occasional sandwich stolen while my back was turned and both of my dogs seem to think it’s ok for them to drink my soda if it is in the… Continue reading Dinner Iz Served Hooman
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