Victoria James

Featuring Soul2Soul and Sway’s So this amazing thing happened the other day and this photo is the result.  I am now a blogger for Soul2Soul!  You may recognize the name as they have some of the most beautiful regions across the grid.  I have visited, explored and taken photos there on more than one occasion. … Continue reading Kaleidoscope of Beauty
Featuring {Old Barn Door} Rise and shine everyone!  The beach awaits….at least in Second Life.  Myself, I would still be steering clear of any beaches if I lived near one.  In Second Life though we have a wide selection of beautiful beaches to choose from.  In fact we have a wide selection of several beautiful… Continue reading Hot Fun In The Summertime
Featuring Nantra, Faida, Iconic and Izzie’s Paradise awaits you….at The Liaison Collaborative!  I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago that this round was filled with all sorts of goodies.  All featured items are at The Liaison Collaborative and since today is the holiday I’m going to get straight to the details! I’ll… Continue reading Paradise Awaits You
Featuring Vinyl Apparel Happy Firday everyone.  Can you believe tomorrow is July 4th!?  June went by in a flash for me.  My hubby has these next two days filled with barbecue plans.  Today we are smoking a brisket and tomorrow we are sticking to the good old All-American favorites….Hot dogs, burgers, potato salad, apple pie… Continue reading The View At The Top
Featuring Simply Shelby and Art&Ko It’s almost time for another round of The Liaison Collaborative and from the sneak peeks that I have seen it looks like it’s going to be a great round.  The Liaison Collaborative has such a great mix of things and the creators are great about making them available to the… Continue reading Summer Sweetness
Featuring ZK Store With absinthe in my right hand and a bleeding heart in the chest I love to talk to an old friend, for she knows me the best. She laughs at me overtly Thinking of me as naive, Her words I try to decipher, Her wisdom I crave. She teaches me about friendships… Continue reading Absinthe Makes The Heart Grow Fonder
Featuring Sway’s and Luc. Boutique Be A Pineapple Stand tall Wear a crown & Be sweet on the inside. Today I am featuring Sway’s and Luc. Boutique and also using some other sponsored items from ionic, MudHoney, Aphrodite Shop and Cheeky Pea.  Everything can be found in each creators mainstore.  It’s summer…make a splash and… Continue reading Be A Pineapple
Featuring DaD Virtual Living I may be just a foolish dreamer But I don’t care ‘Cause I know my happiness is waiting out there somewhere I’m searching for that silver lining Horizons that I’ve never seen Oh, I’d like to take just a moment and dream my dream Ohhh, dream my dream Oh, oh, Zoom… Continue reading Searching For That Silver Lining
Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch “Your room is almost ready and in the meantime please enjoy some refreshments in the lobby”.  Those words would be music to my ears right about now.  Usually (99% of the time), when I start a photo I have a very good idea of what the scene I… Continue reading Refreshments In The Lobby
Featuring Vinyl Apparel Happy Saturday!  I have really been missing the beach with all of these great summer photos I am seeing.  I sent exploring beaches again after doing yesterday’s Santorini photo I decided to go looking for places by the sea that weren’t necessarily tropical beaches.  I started with my folder of landmarks I… Continue reading I Need Vitamin Sea
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