Victoria James

Featuring |T|L|C| Home Collection The Sandpiper At the edge of tide He stops to wonder, Races through The lace of thunder. On toothpick legs Swift and brittle, He runs and pipes And his voice is little. But small or not, He has a notion To outshout The Atlantic Ocean. -Frances Frost Credits Decor |T|L|C| Home… Continue reading Life Along The Shore
Featuring [Krescendo] and MudHoney Advice from the Moon Live life to the fullest Be someone to look up to Don’t be phased by difficulties Take time to reflect Enjoy a little space Honor the cycles of nature Light up the night! Today I am blogging the new gacha from Krescendo.  The Celestial gacha is available… Continue reading Supernatural Delight
  Featuring Lyrium Poses, Vinyl Apparel and Aphrodite Shop I mentioned a while back that I would like to have a pool again.  Well, I did a little research.  Thinking I might keep it simple I searched for an Intex pool….you know, the ones with an inflatable ring at the top that just rises as… Continue reading Dive Right In
Featuring Luc. Boutique and DaD Virtual Living Ok…I am SO in love with this scene..and how could I not be!?  Just look at these beautiful creations!  The hanging orchid and sprigs from Luc. Boutique are now the most favorite hanging plant in my inventory.  I had the idea of mixing items from these two creators… Continue reading Bamboo Breezes


Featuring PosEd Poses and Vinyl Apparel You taught me precious secrets Of a true love You wanted nothing You came out in front When I was hiding But now I’m so much better And if my words don’t come together Listen to the melody ‘Cause my love is in there hiding I love you in… Continue reading Lovebirds
Featuring Sway’s and The Little Branch This one goes out to all the men and women who love to fish. Advice from a Bass Find a new angle Know when to keep your mouth shut Don’t take the bait Prize clean water Be lively and swift Don’t give up without a fight Be a good… Continue reading Catch Of The Day
Featuring [Krescendo], ZK Store and Lyrium Poses I’m sure you all remember that little song from our childhoods.  You know that saying “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt”, right?  Well that is basically the moral of that little song.  The child is excited to find a bumble bee and take it home… Continue reading I’m Bringing Home A Baby Bumble Bee

Wild Pink

Featuring Granola., Luc. Boutique and ionic Well, we did it!  We have made it to another Friday.  I am hoping my fence contractors will be here today to finish the fence.  They had gotten all the posts put in but then got behind due to rain.  I haven’t been in a hurry because a small… Continue reading Wild Pink

Pop Life

Featuring Serenity Style, Rise Design and Le Poppycock I am loving this round of The Liaison Collaborative.  So much color and retro vibe.  I had fun playing around with makeup also, eyeshadow in particular. Today I am blogging this fun and colorful backdrop from Serenity Style.  The retro lights were perfect for this photo.  The… Continue reading Pop Life
Featuring Lyrium Poses I could show the world how to smile I could be glad all of the while I could change the gray skies to blue If I had you I could leave the old days behind Leave all of my pals, I’d never mind I could start my life all anew If I… Continue reading If I Had You
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