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Featuring Serenity Style and The Little Branch

I am watching the news on the results of the election as I work on this post and it’s a real nail biter to be sure.  I could barely sleep last night and in fact when I woke up at 3 AM I had to take a peek at my phone for an update.  I can only imagine what the night was like for the candidates, their families, the election workers and the new reporters.  There was little sleep for all I’m sure.

That is where my mind was as I worked on this post and I kept thinking how tired everyone involved in the whole election process must be.  I am sure many of them would like to disappear into the woodwork for a week or more.  This little rustic getaway, courtesy of Serenity Style and The Little Branch, would be the perfect place to do that.

The Forest Delight gacha is a new release from Serenity Style and is available at The Liaison Collaborative.  There are ten pieces to collect in total, nine commons and one rare.  The theme for the November round of The Liaison Collaborative is Bonfire Bash and it is full of full thing for fall.  Be sure to check out the goodies!

I am also featuring a great new tree from The Little Branch.  This is the Loblolly Pine, a tree native to the Southeastern United States.  You get two different styles as well as some grass.  The tree is animated and also seasonal.  It is a great addition to your landscaping as we move into fall and winter.  You can find the Loblolly Pine at Uber.



Serenity Style The Liaison Collaborative

Serenity Style- Forest Delight Basket
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Cabin RARE
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Chair 1
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Chair 2
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Crate Table
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Kettle
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Lamp
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Milkmaid
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Trunk
Serenity Style- Forest Delight Firepit

The Little Branch – Loblolly Pine Tree @ Uber

Heart Garden Center – Autumn Path Forest Kit

Trompe Loeil – Kiya Beach Hut Dock Extension

floorplan. – Hanging Bed

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