AVISTAR 2019 – Final “Formal (Red Carpet)”

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AviStar ♕ Nepal’s formal was styled with the image of an actress who went to the opera. She is a noble and victorious personality. She doesn’t talk much, but always wants to appeal her existence. So her gown has a very strong presence. She is always imposing and doesn’t know to give up on others. But she is not mean. No matter how old she is, she is a very pure woman with a childlike heart. Her gown is a first-class product. Since she likes flowers, she wore an accessory with that motif.

AZUL – Lis (Champagne) – by Mami Jewell
AZUL – Iroha (Champagne) – by Mami Jewell
AZUL – Yeva (Nude) – by Mami Jewell

Chop Zuey – Candy Mudflower – by Belle Roussel
aisling – Dame des Fleurs Necklace (Gold) – by Damian Kleiner
SHAPEZ – SHPZ45 Open Rose Bud Shape – by Shapez ※Fullper item. Customized myself.
BOOM – Haiku Clutch (almond) – by Aranel Ah
ChicChica – Petra – by Lilo Denimore

booN – Lab. 094 hair (Black Pack) – by boo Nakamura
Nyaru – Megu Eye Makeup – by 1Misaamane2
theMARS – Sunshine Lip Applier – by tsminh

Location: The Rose Theatre (M)

Jua la Rehana

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