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” I know I did not raise a wrist
I know I did not capture it
It came (it came), it went (it went)
It conquered quick
I was there and then I quit
Awoo! “

H0414 Hair – Tram
Yamirka Skin – Deetalez @ Salon 52
Ellie Eyeliner – Arise
Emiri Lips – Pink Fuel
Ravi Earrings – Random Matter
Baby Face – Genus Project
Maitreya Body
Janus Outfit – AsteroidBox @ Equal10
Gabby Plexi Sandals – Gos Botique @ Uber
Black Nails – Ascendant
Becky Rings – Meva
Jena Pose (Sitting 2 Pack) – Space Cadet

Odachi Building & Sign – Varonis
Siamese Cat – Just Animals

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Maxine (4107)


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 [monso] Smolfry Hair@K9Insomnia Angel .Heart mini hair clips@Cupid inc.cheezu. classic glasses @Storecheezu. heena outfit@anthem

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